Manual Methods to fix Raid Failed after BIOS Update Error

Raid Stands for Redundant Array Independent Disk which protects the data storage. But the working of Raid may interrupt anytime due to hard disk failure, power failure, and corruption. The known reason for Raid failure is due to hardware or software failure. Therefore Raid Failed after BIOS update error occurs. So here I will tell you the various techniques to fix this error.

The Raid information is stored in the BIOS system and when the user updates the BIOS system all the configurations and the default settings are affected by it. CMOS battery removal from motherboard also changes the BIOS default settings resulting in RAID Failure.

How to Fix Raid Failure and Remove Corruption

Now it is possible to fix RAID failure even after the BIOS update. I’ll discuss the various methods through which you will be able to recover data from the RAID memory.

Check Cables, CMOS and Power Supply

Make sure that all your cables connected to the hard drives are in working condition and if there is any break in connection then immediately repair or replace it. Secondly, check whether CMOS is properly connected to the motherboard or not. In a low power voltage, the system doesn’t run smoothly. So, the power supply must be as per the required voltage by the computer.

Switch AHCI Mode to RAID

  • Switch on the PC and then immediately press F2 to open BIOS Settings.
  • Navigate to Advance and then to IDE Configuration using arrow keys.
  • Now choose Configure SATA and press Enter key.
  • Select RAID in Configure SATA option.
  • Use F10 to save settings and Close BIOS utility.

I hope this fixes the RAID failed after BIOS update error. If not, then go to the next solution.

Recreate RAID

  • Once you have changed the settings Restart the System.
  • Immediately Press Ctrl + I to Create a new RAID Volume.

Note*- Don’t Format the drives.

If the drives are already formatted then first you have to recover those data and then create a New RAID volume. Later you can re-create RAID using Internal Matrix Storage Manager or Configuration Utility.

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Recover Data and Rebuild RAID

The last option you are left with is using a RAID Recovery Software which recovers Raid-HDD and Raid VHD files. It can fix any kind of RAID error. You just have to connect the RAID Drives with the system and install the software on your PC. You can also connect the drive to the system using USB Cables.

How the RAID Recovery Software Works

  • Download and Install RAID Recovery Software on the computer.
  • Launch the Tool and Select either RAID-HDD or RAID VHD and then Click on Next.
  • Click on Add VHD File and hit Next Button to continue.
  • Choose the mode of scanning and to continue hit Next button.
  • Select the Volume where you want to recover data.
  • Now Choose the Recovery Mode and Click on Next.
  • Once the process completes all the data appears in a Tree-Structured format. Click on Save Button to save the data.


The Reason for RAID corruption is uncertain. So you can fix RAID failed after BIOS update error either by manual techniques or by using a professional RAID Recovery software. It depends on the severity of corruption. If the corruption is severe then I would not recommend the manual ways because you might lose all data. Only minor corruption is fixed by using manual techniques.

If your data is crucial, then don’t take the risk of using manual ways. Always go for the RAID Repair tool. Rest, depend on the choice you make and the preference you give to your data. I hope you liked this article and grabbed much knowledge.

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