How To Recover Deleted Emails From IMAP Server

Do your IMAP emails delete from the Server? Also, Are you looking for a solution of how to recover deleted emails from IMAP server? Then go through the blog till the end to get all your questions answered.

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As we know, IMAP enables users to access emails from anywhere or from any device. In case when you have to read an email message from the IMAP server. You do not have to download or saves it on your computer. Besides this, you are reading it from the email services. Therefore, you can easily check your email from different devices like phones, computers, or any other system.

But in the case of permanent deletion of IMAP emails, you can not freely restore the information from the IMAP server. Ok, Don’t Worry. Here, I define the step-by-step guide by which you can recover deleted emails outlook IMAP and avoid the permanent deletion of emails. Thus before going to the solution of how to recover deleted emails from IMAP server, let us understand the need to backup IMAP emails from the Server.

Why Do We Need to Backup Emails from IMAP Server?

Either you use the IMAP server personally and in the organization, you should have to create a backup of mailbox items regularly. After a specific duration, emails stored on the IMAP server get automatically deleted. Thus to save the emails of IMAP is essential. Below mentioned are the key reasons that insist on backup IMAP data.

  • To back up the IMAP emails locally into the computer or local drive.
  • Save the IMAP emails allows users to access the IMAP emails without any internet connection.
  • Transfer IMAP mailbox items to any other email client.
  • A backup file is ideal for sharing purposes.
  • Protect IMAP server from unnecessary threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Avoid the scenario of accidental deletion of mailbox folders.
  • One also reason to backup IMAP emails is that the system’s local drive is comparatively safer than the server.

There are various needs that insist users to backup or save IMAP Server emails into a local drive. Now the question arises, if In case you want to recover IMAP emails, then how to recover deleted emails from IMAP server and how to keep IMAP emails on the server.

How To Recover Deleted Emails From Imap Server

Here, you learn about a method to recover deleted emails from the IMAP server. At first, you have to Disable the Permanent Delete Feature of the email service, and after that, you have to back up the emails of the IMAP server.

Disable the Permanent Delete Feature

Does IMAP sync delete email from the server? Yes, when you delete any email, it generally moves to Trash/Delete emails. But sometimes, you delete an email, and it gets permanently deleted. Therefore to recover the deleted emails from, IMAP server, firstly, you need to disable this permanent delete feature. Follow the below steps carefully, to-do-so:

    1. First of all, open the MS Outlook and Login with the required credentials.
    2. Now, click on the File option in the dashboard of Outlook.
    3. Then select the Account Settings Icon and in the opening drop-down menu select the Account Settings and click on it.

go to account setting

    1. In the opening wizard of Account Settings, click on the Change button from the Email tab.

click chnage

    1. Now, press the More Settings button in the present wizard.

click ok

  1. Then select the Advanced tab and uncheck the Mark items for deletion but do not move them automatically.
  2. After that, click on the OK button to save the settings.

Backup Deleted Items

Now, you have to change the settings of IMAP sync deleted messages from the server. Thus the emails are moved to the Trash/Deleted Email folder. Moreover, from here, you can easily export them on your local system.

Follow the below steps carefully to backup the deleted emails from the IMAP server:

    • Open the MS Outlook again in your system.
    • Now, click on the File option present on the Menu bar.
    • Then select the Open & Export tab and click on the Import/Export section.

choose import export

    • In the Export and Import Wizard, select Export to a file from the menu and click on the Next button.

click next

    • In the Export to file a window, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and press on the Next button.

outlook data file select

  • After that, select Trash from the Select the folder to export from menu and hit the Next option.
  • Now, click on the Browse button to select the destination path of a backup file.
  • Pick the options as per your requirements:
  1. Replace duplicates with items exported.
  2. Allow duplicate items to be created.
  3. Do not export duplicate items.
    • Finally, click on the Finish button to begin the backup of IMAP emails.

click finish

Limitation of the Manual Methods

  • Sometimes the manual method is complex for non-technical users.
  • There is a chance of data loss of the IMAP server.
  • Time-consuming process.
  • Lack of security of IMAP emails.
  • Hard for new users to perform if they did not know about the IMAP.

Thus the expert solution, to avoid these limitations are SysInfo IMAP Backup Tool. The software allows you to backup and import IMAP emails into different file formats and email clients such as OST, PST, EML, PDF, MBOX, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Thunderbird, HostGator, etc. It is competent enough to remove duplicate items and save emails directly into the local drive. Allow users to backup IMAP emails to computer, hard drive.


The above article answered the question of how to recover deleted emails from IMAP server. Here we learn about the IMAP server and the benefits of using the IMAP server. After that, look at the need to backup emails from the IMAP server. Then understand the step-by-step method to recover deleted emails from IMAP server.

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