How to Recover and Repair Corrupt BKF file in Windows 10, 8

Is BKF file not accessible or corrupted? How can I recover and repair corrupt BKF file? Don’t Worry!! Read this blog carefully to find the solution you need.

Backup creation is an important step in protecting information from any accidental loss or damage. Data loss may occur due to a variety of reasons, including hardware failure, software failure, virus attacks, and more. It is also important to select the right technique for creating a backup. Many users use the NTBackup Tool to repair NTBackup file for Windows XP to make backups.

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The format of the file that stores all the data is called the BKF file.

Why BKF File Recovery is important in windows 7, 8, 10?

In today’s world, the cases of data loss are also increasing with the increasing use of computers to manage the data for commercial purposes or for personal purposes. And every year, more than 60 percent of Internet users from around the world experience data loss situations. You know the pain of data loss that has been gathered over the years. Data loss can be caused by many reasons, such as:

  • Virus Attacks: Virus can make inappropriate modifications to our files at all times. In a way, if the virus makes any modifications to a BKF file, then it is likely that your data will be infected and need to be restored.
  • Disk Crash: After a disk crash, you may need to repair BKF file as it’s not completely in our control to stop disk crashes. At any moment, the disk could go vulnerable. If so, and if your BKF files are located in the same portion of the disk, your BKF file may be corrupted.
  • Unexpected shutdown: If the device has not been correctly shut down, this will also cause certain data to be corrupted. You can also corrupt the BKF file in the same way. If so, BKF file will need to be patched.
  • Interference While backup: Any unwanted interference may corrupt a BKF file while performing the backup. You need to repair BKF file to recover the data again.
  • Unsecure Application Utilization: This is also important that the backup process tool has to come from a well-known trusted publisher. The untrusted application causes the recovery process to be faulty, causing an error while the file is being repaired or restored.

Due to these reasons, it is necessary to repair the Windows backup file in Windows 7/8/10. Now, it’s time to see methods for repairing BKF files.

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How to recover and repair corrupt BKF file?

It is important to create a restore point to deal with this situation. Therefore, in order to create a restore point in Windows 8, you would need to perform some of the following steps:

Method 1: Using Control Panel

  1. Initially, from the start screen visit Control Panel of Windows 8.
  2. Hit on Control panel>System.
  3. Press System Protection.
  4. If you are asked for a password or verification from an administrator, type the password or provide the confirmation if necessary.
  5. Hit System Protection tab>click Create.
  6. Type a description in the System Protection dialog box, and then press Create.
  7. Then you will see a small System Protection info box with a progress bar and the text “Creating a restore point…”
  8. system properties
  9. After this, the following message will appear on your screen :

“The restore point was created successfully”

9. Just choose the file and history and press restore your files with the file to open Windows 8 backup files in Windows 8. 

10. Then a new screen just tapping ‘use the new location’ option.

Method 2: BKF file recovery by Ntbackup.exe

Using an integrated Windows tool known as NTbackup.exe to repair the NTbackup file. Follow the below steps:

  1. Browse the NTbackup.exe.
  2. Do right-click on it and run it as Administrator.
  3. Next, a message will pop up as a “Removable Storage Service”. Hit OK.
  4. Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard will open next. Press Next to Continue.
  5. Choose the option “Select Restore files and settings”. Click Next.
  6. Search for BKF file that you want to Restore and hit OK.
  7. Select the files by expanding the Left pane.
  8. Hit on Advance.
  9. Open dropdown list from Restore Files to and choose Alternate Location option.
  10. Enter the Saving Location.
  11. Hit Next >Finish.

This way, BKF files can be repaired and recovered. If corruption still persists, use a skilled method to repair Windows backup file. Use BKF Recovery Software to quickly recover and repair corrupt BKF files. 


All possible methods for repairing BKF files have been mentioned above. You can opt for expert software on the place of manual measures if any errors occur. Hopefully, you had a proper understanding of this blog.

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