Optimum Solution to Restore Exchange BKF files in One Shot

Hi audience, after a long timespan I have focused my fresh work on behalf of previous blogger, with a complete new update on issues related to Exchange BKF file: Corruption, Causes and its  solution.

Internet era clubbed with emerging IT revolution paved way for various email clients enriched with advanced features. Email system is widely used for exchanging digital messages at corporate and enterprise level. MS Exchange server from Microsoft is a safe and secured e-mail-based communications server for businesses messaging platform that run on Windows Server. MS Exchange server is power packed and feature-rich with rich-text email capability including core components like email, folders, storage groups that is vital and more crucial for an organization. Talking about corporate work scenarios we have large amount of data and information stored in MS Exchange server that needs to be retained for quick reference and smooth working.

Backup: A Precautionary Measure

Taking timely backup is one of the time-tested and most recommended remedy for any kind of computer malfunctioning or technical glitch. Same thing goes with Exchange servers that must be regularly backed up to ensure entire mailboxes and system data can be recovered in the event of an Exchange server crash.

As BKF files or back up files are used for data restoration purposes, similarly BKF files from Exchange Backup works the same to restore Exchange BKF files, ensuring data security of crucial information. Backed up files come to the rescue in restoring vital data in case of file becoming inaccessible due to corruption, failure or any sort of damage.

We can take back up of MS Exchange Server by a couple of ways either we can go for NT-Backup that is a built-in utility offered by Microsoft or resort to other available utility software.


MS Exchange BKF files comes in three different forms:

EDB, commonly known as Exchange database, file acts as the main repository of mailbox data storing entire data component like email messages, attachments, folders.

STM or streaming media file, functions in conjunction with EDF files forming exchange database. Email messages recently sent and have yet to be accessed with the corresponding email client are stored in these MS Exchange streaming media files.

LOG file is a sort of transaction log file containing a record of the changes made to the Exchange database.

The downside of this backup strategy is that BKF file is vulnerable to corruption materializing the well-known fact that no computer file is immune to corruption. The importance of Exchange BKF Recovery becomes more when we have most important files and crucial information stored in the form of BKF files which are impaired. As BKF files once corrupted, can’t be used unless restored.

Some know-how into the factors responsible for BKF files corruption:

Header Corruption: One of the key reasons that makes an Exchange BKF file inaccessible is the header corruption as the header from the BKF files remain invisible or corrupted.

Virus Attacks: One of the common causes of system malfunctioning is related to some kind of virus infection that can corrupt and damage data information. Securing system with Anti-virus is the best way to avert such situation.

Interrupted Backup Job: Any sort of interruption like power outage or network error during the backup process in MS Exchange server may lead to BKF file corruption.

Abrupt System Shut-down: The sudden system shut-down can become another factor causing the Exchange BKF file corruption.

As Microsoft lacks support for recovering BKF files of MS Exchange Server and hasn’t yet come up with any built-in or freeware recovery solution for these files. Therefore users have to resort to other available third-party recovery solutions. When searching for the most authenticated and smart BKF Recovery solutions, few things must be considered that make the tool worth the price.

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Features which make Exchange BKF recovery tool indispensable:

  • Swift and fast to recover in quickest possible time;
  • Easy-to-understand, intuitive and interactive interface;
  • Comes with a rich feature for previewing recovered data;
  • Capable to repair large-sized BKF files;

That’s where Exchange BKF Repair stands apart from other software applications with innovative features and comes handy to recover corrupt BKF files of MS Exchange Server. It is intuitive that makes the design more interactive and very easy-to-understand for both novice and computer professionals. This is a proven tool incorporating advanced recovery algorithm quickly recovering maximum possible data and runs smoothly on all major versions of Windows and MS Exchange Server. Developed exclusively by professionals at SysInfoTools, MS Exchange BKF Repair offers one of the perfect solutions for seamless recovery.

Exchange BKF Recovery Free Demo

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