How to Save Outlook Email as PDF – Most Secured Techniques

Summary – Are you searching for a solution to save Outlook email as PDF? Then, you’ve reached the right place. Here, we will discuss how to save Outlook Email as PDF. In fact, we will describe the two methods such as the manual method and the professional method. Moreover, if you want to convert directly, you can use the Sysinfo PST Converter now.

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In the past years, the Outlook application has been used in a wide range to grow various organizations or businesses. As all the users are sending as well as receiving images or attachments in these emails. It is necessary to have all the backups as some files may contain your vital information. All of us know that PDF is a file format where we can easily see manuals, brochures, scanned documents, and different types of documents in it.

What is the Need to Convert Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF?

Various organizations want their clients to easily read specific files or documents, so they prefer to save such information in an e-file or PDF. Let’s discuss what are the reasons to export Outlook Email to PDF.

  • PDFs are comprehensively accessible for all of us because we can easily access and view the document that we want and where we want to access it.
  • Users can also put passwords to their files to secure their important as well as personal data using PDF.
  • Most users prefer to share PDF files as they are easily available to create in small sizes.
  • PDFs have a great feature as they provide a way to look at that same file on all devices.

Here, we have discussed why there is a need to save Outlook email as PDF.

How to Save Outlook Email as PDF with Different Approaches?

There are two different approaches where you can easily convert Outlook to Adobe PDF. The first one is all about the manual approach, and the second is the direct approach. Follow the given steps:

Approach 1: Convert Email to PDF in Outlook Manually

  • Install the Outlook Application.
  • Now, open the specific mail that you want to convert into PDF.
  • Press on the File tab, and then select Save as an Option.
  • After that, select the HTML from the Save as option.
  • You can see that your email is saved in HTML file format.
  • Now open this HTML file in MS Word.
  • Tap on the Save as a button.
  • After that, choose the option of PDF from the menu bar and click on the save as button.

In the end, you can easily see that your resultant file has turned into a PDF file. Drawbacks of Performing the Manual Method: After applying the manual method, there are some challenges that users have to face as follows:

  • Converting Emails into PDFs in bulk consumes a lot of time as well as energy.
  • Sometimes, it is not accessible to turn Email into PDF Outlook.
  • Without the Installation of Microsoft Outlook, this method can not be applicable.
  • And the worst part is that we can only convert an email to a PDF at once.

Note: We have already seen that the manual method does not work sometimes. As well as it has so many drawbacks. Even non-technical users can not understand the procedure. In such cases, they prefer to use direct software.

Approach 2: Trusted Solution to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments

Sysinfo PST Converter is the most trustworthy solution that helps to convert Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF. It is an exclusive and all-inclusive tool to migrate PST files to different email clients such as AOL, Gmails, Office 365, Live Yahoo Mails, and many more. It also helps to export into various file formats like MBOX, PDF, MSG, EML, and more than 10 file formats. This wizard is easily compatible as well as accessible for all versions of MS Outlook.

Steps of the Professional Method:

  • First Install and Run the PST Converter on your local to save Outlook email as PDF
  • Right now, we will choose the Single\Multiple files and press the Next to save Outlook email as PDF
  • Then, choose the specific file from your PC or Laptop and then, tap on the Next to save Outlook email as PDF
  • On your system, the tab is showing you the options for Files, folders, and subfolders on the specific PST files that you have to save Outlook email as PDF
  • You can also preview the particular file that is added to PST File. Click on the Next Button to continue.previewing perticular file
  • After that, you can easily select the file format which you want to convert like PDF, EML, MBOX, and many more.convert in different formats
  • Now, you can easily choose many features such as removing duplicate files, Saving in the same, and others also, and clicking on the conversion button to convert your PST files.perform bulk conversion

Bottom Words!

In this article, we have seen the brief introduction to PDF and what is the need for Outlook to convert to Adobe PDF. There are two methods described above for how to save Outlook Email as PDF. Users can easily use that method whatever suits them. We must recommend you use the Sysinfo PST Converter. Users are also searching for a solution to import PST file into Gmail, they can read this another blog.

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