Why Microsoft Outlook Keeps Freezing Immediately When Opening

Being an IT professional, it seems impossible that you have not used Outlook. While using MS Outlook, you might have encountered issues like Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing, or Outlook crashes when opening OST and PST files. This blog will therefore explain why Outlook crashes. Reasons why Outlook PST cannot be opened. What actions can you take to address this problem? How Sysinfo PST File Recovery can be a single solution for all Outlook issues. Let us enhance our topic in detail. First, start to find the reasons why Outlook crashes often.


Reasons for Outlook Crashes When Opening

Outlook crashes can occur for a number of reasons. Among these, a few are listed below.

  • The Outlook application may not update.
  • You might have changed the Outlook settings.
  • Internet connections are not properly established.
  • The Outlook may interfere with any outside image or attachment.
  • Add-ins interfering with Outlook.
  • The outlook may be affected by antivirus software or third-party applications.
  • The outlook data file may be corrupted.

These are some reasons that users may face while Outlook opens and closes immediately.

Now, in the following section, we will learn some manual techniques to resolve these Outlook issues.

Fix Microsoft Outlook Keeps Freezing Issues Manually

We have several solutions for these Outlook problems, which we will go over one by one.

Method 1: Launch Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Antivirus.

The Outlook Crashes error can occur occasionally because of antivirus interference.

After turning off your antivirus software, open Outlook in safe mode. To run Outlook in safe mode, follow the steps as instructed.

1. Open the dialog box by pressing Win + R.

2. Type Outlook.exe/safe 

3. Finally, hit the OK tab to run Outlook in safe mode.

Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing

Method 2: Turn Off Third-Party Add-ins.

You can turn off the third-party Add-in’s incompatibility to fix the Outlook not responding Windows10 issue. To disable the third-party add-ins follow the steps as instructed.

1. Start the MS Outlook Program.

2. Go to the File tab > Options.

3. Select Add-ins > Go.

4. Choose the Add-ins that you wish to disable.

Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing

Method 3: Check Mailbox size

You may encounter the issue of Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing frequently. When the size of your mailbox increases, Outlook takes up more space and becomes difficult to open. In this circumstance, you can create a new folder and move several items into that folder. You can make a new folder to fix the problem of Outlook PST Cannot Be Opened by following these steps.

Steps to create the new folder

1. Open the mailbox in the Outlook application.

2. Right-click on any mail folder of the selected account to create a new folder.

Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing

3. After making a new folder, assign a name to it.

4. Drag and drop the extra mail into that newly created folder.

Method 4: Disable Re-direction of the AppData Directory to Troubleshoot Outlook Opens And Closes Immediately

In the AppData directory, Outlook stores specific data such as email signatures and Spelling Checkers. If the network is slow, Outlook will have to wait for reading and write operations to the AppData directory to complete.

Steps to Disable Redirection of the AppData Directory 

1. Exit Outlook and start the Registry Editor.

2. Open the dialog box and type regedit.exe and then OK.

3. In the Registry Editor, select the subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

4. Locate and then double-click on the AppData Value.

5. In the Edit String box,

Value Name: AppData

Value Data: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming

6. Finally, exit the Registry Editor.

As we mentioned, one of the prominent reasons for this Outlook error message is corrupted Outlook data files. You can repair the data file using the inbuilt SCANPST.exe.

Method 5: To Repair Office Application Using Control Panel

1. First, Close all the applications of Microsoft that running behind the system.

2. After that, move to the Control Panel > Programs >> Features.

3. Hit on the Office package from the list of programs that particularly you want to repair.

4. Hit on the Change button.

Method 6: By using the in-Built tool of Microsoft, the Inbox Repair Tool

1. First, locate the location of Microsoft Outlook. The table is given below for each version of MS Outlook.

Outlook Versions Local Disk
For Outlook 2019 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
For Outlook 2016 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
For Outlook 2013 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
For Outlook 2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
For Outlook 2007 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

2. After that, open the SCANPST.EXE file.

3. Make sure to Browse the specific PST file that you want to fix it.

4. Now, Click on the Start Button proceeding the process.

5. In the end, click on the Repair Button.

However, it is only appropriate for minor corruption. So, if your file is severely corrupted, we suggest you take the help of an automated tool that can troubleshoot any level of Outlook data file corruption.

Fix Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing with Automated Tool

The Sysinfo PST File Recovery is a single solution that can help you troubleshoot most kinds of Outlook errors. It can effectively recover data from any corrupted PST file. Additionally, it can also recover your emails, contacts, tasks, and journals from damaged PST files. In addition, it can save your recovered PST file into several file formats, including PDF, PST, MBOX, HTML, EML, and others.

Besides, you can also import your recovered PST files into Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. You can use this utility by following the steps.

Steps to Fix Outlook Not Responding Windows 10

1. Download and install the PST File Recovery Tool and run it as an administrator.

2. Add the PST files.

3. Choose Recovery Mode as per the file corruption level.

4. Then the tool starts scanning your added PST files.

5. Next, select the folder that you wish to download and click on the Save button.

6. Choose the saving option as PST.

7. Finally, the saving process is complete.

Wind-up the Words

This article discusses various Outlook problems, including why Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing. What factors lead to problems with Outlook crashes. How to fix the Outlook issues manually and with an automated PST File Recovery tool. Although a manual approach is available, it needs technical expertise. Whereas, the professional tool not only fixes your Outlook issues but also repairs your corrupted PST files. Furthermore, you can read another blog to fix Outlook Cannot Connect to Server errors.


Q1. How to fix Microsoft Outlook has stopped working on Windows 10?

A1. You can troubleshoot this Outlook problem with the PST file recovery tool.

  • Download and install the software.
  • Add the PST file, whether it is healthy or damaged.
  • Select the recovery mode.
  • Now the tool starts scanning your PST files.
  • Now, select the file format as PST.

By following these steps, you will be successful in fixing that Microsoft Outlook has stopped working on Windows 10 issue.

Q2. How do you manually fix the problem of Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing?

A2. You can manually fix the issue of Outlook keeps creasing issue by:

  • Creating a New Outlook Profile.
  • Repair Corrupted OST File.
  • Disable faulty add-ins.
  • Run Outlook in safe mode.

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