Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 in Few Simple Steps

In the last few years, Yahoo’s services are not up to the mark as per customers’ point of view, and its users look forward to sending their Yahoo emails to a client that can save their mailbox. Then hold your search here and choose Office 365 for your Yahoo mailbox. This technical guide will go into detail about migrating Yahoo Mail to Office 365 using the traditional approach. And if you want to transfer Yahoo Mail to M365 with ease, then use an automated Yahoo Backup Tool. Let’s examine each technique in more detail.

Transfer Yahoo Emails to Office 365 via Outlook

In order to use this method, you need Outlook as an intermediary application. Let’s proceed with the steps to be taken. Ensure your Office 365 and Yahoo accounts are set up in Outlook before using this technique. Once you have met all the requirements, follow the instructions below.

Steps to Import Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Note: If you’re unsure how to add your Office 365 and Yahoo accounts to Outlook, follow the steps below.

  • Open Outlook and go to the File tab.
  • Simply press the Add button.
  • Next, type your Yahoo email address and press the Connect button.
  • Enter your Yahoo account password.
  • At last, hit the Done button.

That’s how you add a Yahoo account in Outlook. To configure an Office 365 account in Outlook, follow the exact instructions as before.

When you have your Yahoo and Office 365 accounts set up in Outlook, take the steps below to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365.

Transfer Yahoo Mailbox to Office 365 After Configuration

Create a new folder in Outlook under your Office 365 account. So that, you can easily recognize Yahoo emails. Although creating a folder is entirely optional, doing so is recommended because it makes it simple to fetch Yahoo emails in Office 365. After creating a new folder, let’s move on.

Steps to Move Yahoo Emails to M365

  • Select the Yahoo emails you want to migrate to Office 365.
  • Drag the Yahoo message.
  • Place it in the new Office 365 folder.
  • Check whether the message you selected will move to Office 365.

To confirm, log into your Office 365 account and see if you were able to import your Yahoo Mail data successfully. However, this approach has a few drawbacks: Performing Yahoo email migration via Outlook is daunting. Additionally, not everyone wants to use Outlook. Moreover, you must repeat the procedure until all of your Yahoo emails have been transferred. Just imagine what’s next if you have 20,000+ emails.

In this case, an automated Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool will be a boon for you. Let’s explore more about this sophisticated utility.

Perform Yahoo to Office 365 Migration Without Outlook

We saw in the process, above that you had to repeat it based on the quantity of Yahoo emails you have. However, using the Yahoo Backup Tool will simplify the process for you and allow you to transfer all of your Yahoo mail to Office 365 at once without using an intermediary program like Outlook. Check out how this cutting-edge tool transfers your Yahoo mailbox to M365.

Steps to Add Yahoo Mail to Office 365

  • Download and run the Yahoo Backup Tool.
  • Type in the ID, password, and port number associated with your Yahoo account.
  • Select the items from the Yahoo mailbox you want to migrate to Office 365.
  • Choose Office 365 as the saving format from the list of preferences and authenticate your account.
  • Apply the other cutting-edge features, and at last, click the Convert button.

In this way, you migrate all the Yahoo emails to M365 at once.


This write-up explains the ways to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 with manual and professional approaches. However, you need to repeat the process with conventional techniques. On the other hand, your entire Yahoo mailbox will instantly transfer to Office 365. Furthermore, you have various options to avail yourself of other advanced and useful features as well. Also, you can read another blog to import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365.

Q1. Can Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool migrate Yahoo emails to Office 365 only?

Ans. The answer to your question is actually no. It can migrate your Yahoo emails and attachments to Gmail, Google Workspace, and IMAP. You can also choose to save your emails in 8 additional formats, including PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLX, and others.

Q2. Other than migration, how can I use this cutting-edge Yahoo Backup Tool?

Ans. You have several other sophisticated features to use other than migration. The list of a few is detailed below.
1. Your mailbox will remain free from duplicate emails.
2. Migrate your emails with or without attachments.
3. Your Yahoo mailbox will never contain any extra space.
4. Save your emails within the specified date.
5. Bulky emails don’t require a second round of the procedure.

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