How to Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365 in Best Possible Way

MS Outlook and Yahoo Mail are both prominent email clients that offer numerous features to their users. However, most people are looking for how to import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365. The reason is that Outlook provides various unique services. So first, let’s learn more about MS Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook is an application that can manage multiple email accounts. It provides several features like calendars, events, tasks, meetings, etc. MS Outlook is a desktop-based application and a part of Microsoft Office Suite. But now, It is also available as a web-based application.

If you want to import the data from your Yahoo mail to Office 365, you can add your yahoo mail account to Office 365. This way, you can protect your valuable emails. Several methods are available to import the files effectively. But before learning how to migrate Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365, first, you need to explore the reasons for migration.

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Why Should You Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365?

Email providers are constantly upgrading to meet the requirements of modern users. They offer services and plans considering the user demands. However, users prefer a few email clients more than others. Before learning how to import yahoo mail to outlook 365, you should first explore why users prefer Microsoft Outlook over Yahoo Mail.

  • You can add multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook. In the case of Yahoo Mail, you can not manage multiple email accounts. You can only check emails related to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  • Microsoft Outlook has good integration with other Microsoft products. You can take advantage of various services which are limited only to Microsoft users. On the other hand, Yahoo Mail does not offer multiple services. It provides you with limited features.
  • When it comes to data security, Office 365 is much better than Yahoo Mail. It ensures data protection. You can enable multi-step authentication and other security features.

All the reasons lead you to shift from Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365. So, let’s learn a method to migrate the mailbox items.

How to Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365

You can forward Yahoo Email to Office 365 through various methods. But in every technique, there are two stages through which you can migrate Yahoo email to Office 365. First, you have to convert the Yahoo emails into PST file format. Then, export the PST file to Office 365. This way, you can completely migrate Yahoo email files.

Convert Yahoo Mail to PST File Format

    1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and Open the Account Security.

open account security

    1. Click on the Generate App Password and create an app password for MS Outlook.

generate app password

    1. Open MS Outlook. Click on the File option in the menu bar and select Add account.
    2. Choose Manual Setup and click Next. Tick the POP3 or IMAP account type.

tick pop3 and imap setting

    1. Fill in the login credentials of your yahoo account. Enter in Incoming mail server and in Outgoing mail server.

fill login detail

    1. After filling in the details, click on the More Settings for the advanced settings option.

click on more setting

  1. Choose Outgoing server and Tick the My SMTP Requires Authentication and Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server option.
  2. Fill the following details in the Advanced tab-
    POP3 Server: 995
    SMTP Server: 465
    Encryption Type for Both: SSL
  3. Select This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection option and finish the account setup.

Export PST File into Office 365

  • Copy the SAS URL. Install and run the Azure AzCopy
  • Upload the PST files to Microsoft Office 365 account.
  • Check the list of uploaded PST files. It is optional.
  • After that, you need to create the PST Import Mapping File.
  • Make a PST Import Job and filter the data.
  • Finally, start the PST Import job.

The above manual method is an effective solution for how to import Yahoo mail to Outlook 365. You can also perform the automatic process in which you use Third-Party Software to migrate the files. Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool is a smart way to import yahoo mails to Outlook 365, Yahoo mail to Gmail or Thunderbird and many other email clients without losing any piece of data.


Outlook 365 is a comprehensible email management software that offers more features than Yahoo Mail. Due to these reasons, most users want to learn how to import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365. Now, there are several techniques available for email migration. You can opt for a manual method in which you can perform the migration by yourself. Or, you can also import the data using Third-Party Software. Yahoo Backup Tool is one such software that performs the migration effectively.

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