Easy Steps to Move Domain Email to Gmail – An Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, every small and large organization utilizes its domain emails for advanced features and reliable ways of email communication. But today’s users have another demand for their domain email clients. That’s why users are looking for a solution to move domain emails to Gmail. So, we are here to provide you with a reliable solution, Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software. It will help you to transfer your domain emails to Gmail efficiently. Additionally, we will also discuss the manual solution. If you have technical expertise, you can easily perform it.

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But before moving towards the procedures, you should know the reasons why you should use Gmail over any email client.

  • Long term Stability
  • Google Speed
  • Full IMAP/SMTP support
  • SSL support on both servers
  • Google Uptime

Right now, we have mentioned some best features of Gmail. Now, we will discuss the procedures for exporting emails from domain to Gmail.

How to Move Domain Email to Gmail?

We have two solutions to transfer domain email to Gmail. You just need to follow the below procedure to understand each step.

  1. How to add domain email to Gmail Manually?
  2. How to access domain email through Gmail efficiently?

Now, we will discuss each method in detail.

Method 1: How to Add Domain Email to Gmail Manually?

Here, you need to configure IMAP with your Gmail account. It will help to export emails from domain to Gmail.

  • First, open your Gmail account and navigate to the Settings button > See all Settings option.
    move domain email to Gmail
  • After that, select the Accounts and Import tab > Add an email account button.
    move domain email to Gmail
  • Then, mention domain name > Next button.
    move domain email to Gmail
  • Further, select the checkbox Import emails from my other accounts (POP3).
    move domain email to Gmail
  • Moving ahead, highlight the domain email account password > Continue button.
  • Afterwards, write down the Username, Password, POP Server name, and Port number.
  • Here, you can opt for additional features as per your requirement.
  • Now, click the Add account button.
    move domain email to Gmail
  • It will ask you to send your mail to the desired address. Choose the option > Next button.
  • Then, write a name associated with the below-mentioned email address.
  • Make sure to mention the crucial details through SMTP Servers.
  • Check the SMTP Settings and click Add Account.
  • Go to your inbox folder of the target domain email account. Launch the confirmation code email and ensure to copy the received verification code.
  • Paste the received confirmation code > Verify button.

We have highlighted the manual solution to move domain email to Gmail. It requires technical expertise to accomplish this procedure manually. In addition, there is a high chance of losing necessary data during the conversion procedure from one domain to Gmail. Moreover, it consumes lots of time. If you do not want to face any such challenges, go with the third-party utility.

Method 2: How to Access Domain Email Through Gmail Efficiently?

Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software is a reliable and comprehensive software. It helps users to migrate email domains to Gmail effortlessly. Additionally, it aids in migrating domain emails to Gmail in bulk and without data loss. Moreover, you do not need any technical knowledge to utilize this tool. As a result, this wizard’s GUI is user-friendly and easy to understand. Now, we will discuss the steps that will clear all your doubts.


  • Download and Run the Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software on your local machine.
  • Mention the Username, Password, Host, and Port number of your preferred domain email client that you are willing to transfer to Gmail.
  • After mentioning all details, click the Sign in button.
  • Highlight the Email IDs you want to take backup > Next button.
  • Here, you can preview your targeted emails and their mailboxes and select the files or folders from a preview panel.
  • Select Gmail as a resultant email client and authenticate the login process.
  • In the end, click on the Convert button.

It will transfer all your domain emails to your Gmail account in seconds. 

Final Words

Now, we will sum up the technical guide and mention two ways to move domain email to Gmail. First, we have gone through the manual solution. After that, we discussed the professional procedure to migrate email domain to Gmail efficiently. You can understand both methods and follow any of them as per your requirement. Moreover, you can also read another blog to migrate IMAP email to new server.

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