Efficient Solutions to Migrate IMAP Email to New Server

Every user knows that email migration is a procedure for transferring email mailbox items from one email client to another. Moreover, it is a complicated task to perform manually. Sometimes when users do the migration process, they face various problems. Along with that, there are no similar email clients that support the same file formats. Therefore, users are demanding a solution to migrate IMAP email to new server.

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In the blog, I will discuss numerous requirements to transfer IMAP emails to a new server. Also, I will mention different procedures to shift the IMAP emails to the new server. Furthermore, I will also go through a third-party solution, Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Tool. It will help you to import the IMAP email to new server efficiently.

Requirements to Move IMAP Mail to New Server

  • Both of your desired hosts should support the IMAP email protocol.
  • Every Media Temple (mt) should configure through IMAP.
  • Users must contain the password of the webmail account they are willing to transfer.
  • Users have various webmail clients that support IMAP, like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook.

Therefore, I have mentioned some basic requirements to move IMAP email to a new server. Furthermore, I will go through the instructions for the migration process to a new server.

Instructions to Migrate IMAP Email to New Server

In this upcoming section, I will discuss basic instructions that will require to follow during the migration process. Just go through them and understand each of them. It will help you to transfer IMAP email to a new server.

  • First, create the same webmail account on a new host, just similar to the old server.
  • Ensure that rename the new host with similar spelling and capitalization.
  • Now, you can alter your previous password after the migration process is complete, as per your requirement.
  • After that, you can create two new email accounts in your current email client.
  • Moving ahead, your two webmail clients consist of the same email account address.
  • Afterwards, both your webmail clients must need similar passwords.
  • Furthermore, you should configure both webmails accounts through IMAP.
  • Now, make sure that the IMAP server or incoming server must separate from each email account.
  • After that, users can go with their local IP address for their upcoming host. They can also access the domain for their old server in the place of using their domain name. It will help users to avoid any likely DNS conflict.
  • When you have done making both accounts, launch the inbox of your latest account, which is configuring to your old server. Now, drag and drop your inbox messages from one inbox to another on your new server.

Here, I have successfully mentioned some typical instructions to migrate IMAP email to new server. But every user faces some challenges while performing manually further.

You have seen that the above method is too time-consuming and a little bit complicated. Even if users want to migrate their emails in bulk, they need to perform the above method repeatedly. Additionally, there is a high chance of losing your crucial data. If you do not want to face any such error, you can simply opt for the third-party utility. I will discuss it in the next section.

Reliable Solution to Move IMAP Mail to New Server

Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Tool is an efficient and comprehensive third-party utility. Even it is highly recommended by IT Professionals and administrators to migrate IMAP email to new server. Additionally, it provides folder hierarchy and data integrity during the IMAP conversion process. Moreover, I am going to mention steps of the utility which help you to clear all your doubts.

Steps For Transferring IMAP Emails to The New Server

  • Download and run the IMAP Backup Tool.
    migrate IMAP email to new server
  • Then enter the Username, Password, Port No., and Host in the utility of the respective IMAP account.
    migrate IMAP email to new server
  • After that, click the Next button and mark the accounts of the IMAP account that you want to migrate into the new server.
    migrate IMAP email to new server
  • Click the Next button and pick the saving option as IMAP.
    migrate IMAP email to new server
  • Moving ahead, click on the Next button again. Now you need to type the Username, Password, Port No., and Host name of the IMAP account to which you are transferring your emails into it.
    migrate IMAP email to new server
  • Lastly, click on the Convert button.
    migrate IMAP email to new server

It will transfer your IMAP emails to the new server efficiently.

The Bottom Lines

I am going to finish the entire blog. Here, I have mentioned two different procedures to migrate IMAP email to new server. You can check out both and follow any of them where you feel comfortable performing them. Moreover, you can also read another article to recover calendar from OST file.

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