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Occasionally, users are searching for a solution to perform the OST to PST conversion online. In addition, if you also want to convert OST to PST Free of Outlook. Then you are on the right page. Here, you will find the complete solution to export OST items into PST files. Also, a reliable third-party utility named Sysinfo OST to PST Converter will be used for this conversion. 

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When MS Outlook is in offline mode, it means that users can access and store data in the local file named an OST file. OST files facilitate users with an updating feature. So that one can make a change or update data in a server mailbox, and it is later updated to the server mailbox when the Exchange connection is re-established.

But sometimes, there would be chances of the OST file corruption due to the size and possibility of the exchange server crashes, deletion of the mailbox, and disasters. Hence, exchange administrators and end-users want a solution to import their OST data into PST files. PST(Personal Storage Table) is the default file format of Outlook to store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals.

Why Do We Need OST to PST Conversion Online?

There are different reasons why users want to migrate their OST items into PST files. Here, I listed some of the possible factors:

  • Due to the OST file corruption, the exchange server gets crashed.
  • When the exchange server is under maintenance.
  • To cure Exchange data from accidental deletion or loss.
  • Users want to shift from one system or OS environment to another.
  • To take a backup of permanent OST data.
  • Users need to migrate their data from OST files.
  • one can want to back up a few mailbox folders from the exchange.

The abovementioned are the key factors that insist users perform the OST to PST conversion online. Now, let’s move forward to the steps to export OST files into PST format manually.

Best Methods to Export OST Items Into PST File

There are multiple methods to export OST(emails, contacts, calendars, tasks) into PST format. So that you can access their data in online mode easily. Some possible methods to convert OST to PST are:

  1. Export Mailbox data Into PST File
  2. Archive OST Emails for the Conversion

Export Mailbox data Into PST File

Firstly, login into Outlook using an Exchange server account which you can use to generate the OST files. After that, follow the steps below to export your OST data into PST:

  • In the opening window, click on the Files tab and select the Open & Export section.
  • Then click on the Import/Export option.
  • On the Import/Export Wizard, select the Export to a file option from the list and click Next.
  • Pick the second option(Outlook Data File (.pst)), and click Next.
  • Here, you have to choose the folders you want to export and tap the Next button.
  • Now, click on the Browse button to add a destination path to save the new resultant PST. In addition, you select the inbuilt feature for duplicate emails.
  • Finally, click on the Finish button to save mailbox data as a PST file.

Use Archive To Save OST Emails Into PST

You will easily save the OST file items into a specific PST file by enabling the auto-archive option in Outlook. It also provides a feature to keep the size of your mailbox manageable. To enable it, follow the simple steps correctly:

1. Open the Outlook application on your local system and go to the File tab. Here, click on the Options.

2. In the Outlook Options wizard, select the Advanced option from the list and tap on the Auto Archive Settings.

3. Here, select the number of days from the drop-down to run the auto-archiving option. You can also choose the folder to save the archived files.

4. Opt with other features you want to select and click the Ok button.

5. After this, the data of your OST files will be saved into PST files.

Limitation of Manual Solution

The users who do not have too much technical knowledge or expertise may not be able to perform the manual solution.

  • In the case of large or oversized file sizes, the migration does not work.
  • No feature to maintain the folder hierarchy as per the original structure.
  • Steps are time-consuming and hard to do.
  • There are chances of data loss while performing the OST to PST conversion.

These are some of the issues that can occur when performing the migration of OST files into PST Manually. To avoid all these demerits, use a Third-Party professional tool and perform free online OST to PST Conversion.

Alternate Solution For OST to PST Conversion Online

SysInfo has the Best OST to PST Converter of 2022 which is safe and reliable software to export OST items into PST files without any data loss. It is competent enough to export bulk no of OST files into PST with 100% data accuracy. Additionally, one can also export OST items into other different file formats and email clients like PST, EML, CSV, MSG, HTML, TXT, DOC, DOCM, JSON, TIFF, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, IMAP, HotMail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, etc.

Working Procedure of the Software

1. First of all, download and install Microsoft OST to PST Converter.

2. After that, finish the installation steps and run the software as an administrator.

3. Select the Single File or Multiple Files/Folder options to add OST files.

4. Moreover, when you browse the OST files, click the Next button.

5. Check the folders from the tree structure and preview mail and attachments.

6. Now, select the PST format from the Saves/Backup/Migrate As option.

7. Then according to your necessity, choose the built-in features.

8. Select the Path To Save button and locate the destination path.

9. Tap on the Convert button to initiate the conversion of OST items into PST.

10. Finally, you can also download the report on migration.

Why is Professional Software Better?

  • Fast and speed conversion of OST files into PST.
  • Remove Duplicate Mail from the chosen OST files.
  • Migrate/Backup Emails without attachments files.
  • Allows users to perform bulk migration of OST files.
  • Compatible with all the Windows operating systems.

You can also read another blog that has explained the three Cheapest OST to PST Converter utilities.


This blog explained multiple methods to perform OST to PST conversion online like export mailbox data into PST files using the Import/Export feature, archiving OST emails for the conversion, and an expert OST to PST migration software.


Q1. What are the limitations of the Demo version?

Ans:- The demo version of this utility converts only 50 OST files into PST format.

Q2. Is OST to PST Converter capable of converting corrupted OST files?

Ans:- No, this utility is not capable enough to convert corrupted OST files. It only converts the OST files into PST format.

Q3. Which Outlook and Windows versions are supported by this utility?

Ans:- The tool supports all versions of MS Outlook and Windows-based operating systems.

Q4. If the software support SAN and NAS storage systems?

Ans:- The tool support SAN and NAS Storage system effectively if the file access is transparent.

Q5. Can I import OST files into Office 365 admin center?

Ans:- Yes, you can easily import OST files into Office 365 without any data loss or corruption.

Q6. Is it required to turn off the antivirus while installing this software?

Ans: Yes,  In some cases, antivirus software misinterprets new software as a threat to the PC and prevents its installation. Aside from that, if the antivirus is enabled, the tool won’t be able to be installed.

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