What to Do When PDF File Not Opening – Most Reliable Ways

One name immediately comes to mind when discussing one of the most protected file formats: PDF. Undoubtedly, it is the format that is most trustworthy among users because it is hard to make changes to it. It also allows its users to add passwords to their files. But sometimes, users face issues with it, like PDF file not opening.

In this article, we’ll discuss the factors that led to this problem. What measures can you take to overcome the issue of not being able to open the PDF file? Manual approaches like Sysinfo PDF Recovery Tool can help you fix this issue. Let us elaborate on each topic in detail.


Possible Reasons for Not Opening PDF File

Although PDF files can be accessed easily on any device, sometimes they show a problem. Several reasons are listed below that are responsible for the issue that can’t open a PDF file.

  • Maybe your PDF file is corrupted.
  • A PDF reader is not installed on your machine.
  • Your PDF reader or supported application is outdated.
  • There’s a chance that the source file has malicious code inside of it.
  • PDF applications are damaged or attacked by any ransomware.

These are some possible factors that may not allow you to access the PDF file. In this case, you can fix this issue with various techniques that we are elaborating on procedurally.

Method 1: Update and Repair Adobe Acrobat to Solve the Issue Unable to View PDF Files

Your applications might occasionally interfere with unwanted software, corrupting PDF-supported applications. In this case, you can repair and update Adobe Acrobat by following these steps.

1. Start the Adobe Acrobat application on the system.

2. Go to the Help option and select Repair Installations.

PDF file not opening

If your issue is solved after this step, check for the latest update of Adobe Acrobat.

Method 2: Fix Failed to Load PDF Document issue by Reinstalling the Adobe

Often, software interferes with any present or accidentally downloaded software. Then, in this case, you can delete the currently downloaded application and reinstall it. To do this, follow the instructions.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Now select the Program > Uninstall a Program.

PDF file not opening

3. Following, choose Program and Feature > Uninstall a Program.

PDF file not opening

4. Next, choose the Adobe Reader program to uninstall it.

5. Right-click on the selected software and select the Uninstall option.

PDF file not opening

6. These steps will uninstall the software that you selected.

7. Then again, install the updated version of the Adobe Acrobat application.

These methods can help you to solve the problem of PDF file not opening. Although these approaches are easy to use and do not require any hard technical expertise, they consume so much time and sometimes our data may be at risk during updating or repairing the Adobe application. There is a high risk of losing your data while reinstalling your Adobe application.

Additionally, you failed to repair your inaccessible PDF files, and sometimes you are also unable to fetch the images that may be important data for you. In this case, we suggest you use the highly recommended and expert-advised PDF Recovery Tool to fix issues like being unable to access PDF file.

Method 3: Fix the PDF File Not Opening Issue With Automate Approach 

Sysinfo PDF Recovery Tool is a highly recommended tool by experts that can repair your corrupted or inaccessible files. This utility is compatible with fixing all kinds of corruption related to PDFs without any data loss and also retains the file hierarchy. You can use this utility by following the steps.

Steps to Solve the PDF File Not Opening Issue

1. Download and install the PDF Recovery tool.

2. Add the corrupted or inaccessible PDF files.

3. Select the Recovery Mode for the corrupted files on the basis of the damage level of the PDF.

4. Choose the destination for your resultant file, You can also create a new folder for output files.

5. Finally, your damaged PDF files are saved at your chosen location.

PDF to Excel conversion is a popular request among users. They can convert PDF to Excel by using these methods of this blog on how to convert pdf to excel without software.


I hope now you are able to solve the PDF file not opening issue effortlessly. On the one hand, manual methods are an option, but they cannot guarantee that your data will be saved. However, a professional tool is safe enough and guarantees that you can repair your corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible PDF without any data loss. Further, you can convert pdf to excel by reading this blog on how to convert pdf to excel without software.

Q1. How to open a PDF file without Adobe Reader?

A1. To open a PDF file without the Adobe application, follow the steps as instructed.

  • Open the PDF Recovery Tool
  • Add the damaged file.
  • Select the recovery mode.
  • Choose the destination for the output file.
  • Finally, you can open the PDF file without Adobe Reader.

Q2. Why is the PDF file not opening?

A2. There may be several factors that are responsible for not accessing PDF files. Out of these, some are detailed below.

  • Adobe Reader did not support the PDF file.
  • PDF-supported applications may be outdated.
  • The third-party applications may interfere with Adobe.

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