How to Convert PDF to Excel Without Software?

Summary:- No matter where you are and who you are, the need to convert PDF files into Excel format is always a priority if you want to transfer your PDF files to an editable form. This blog will describe the best possible solutions to convert PDF to Excel without software installation and the needs that insist users export data from PDF to Excel format. Also, we will utilize an automated software named Sysinfo PDF to Excel Converter for this conversion. 

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Now, let’s learn about PDF & Excel Files and the difference between PDF and Excel.

PDF stands for portable document format and is widely used by Worldwide users to save their data that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed. These days, all users have a version of Adobe Reader or another application on their computer that can read a PDF file. However, once you have saved a document as a PDF file, then you cannot convert it back without specialized software or third-party solutions.

Excel is a popular spreadsheet program by Microsoft and a component of the Office Suite application for managing your data in Rows and Columns. It enables users to format, organize and calculate data in a spreadsheet. Excel contains several boxes called cells that store the data in rows and columns. Plus, you can place it in these cells efficiently.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Without Software?

You can convert PDF files into Excel format with the help of the Office suite of applications, but it has some limitations like a single file, large size, data loss, and others. Thus, to perform the safe and efficient conversion of PDF files into Excel format, you should rely on the Sysinfo PDF to Excel Converter. We’ve got the most popular online PDF to Excel Conversion Tool to do just this. The conversion will take less than a few seconds.

Why did Professionals and Organizations want to Use Excel Files?

Different benefits of Excel files insist users opt for Excel files like:

  • collection and verification of business data
  • business analysis
  • data entry and storage
  • data analysis
  • performance reporting
  • strategic analysis
  • accounting and budgeting
  • administrative and managerial management
  • account management
  • Project management and office administration

Step By Step Guide to Convert PDF to Excel Without Software

1. Start the SysInfo PDF to Excel Converter as an administrator on your PC.

start pdf to excel converter

2. Opt for one of these two options:

  • Add Files:- It allows you to add multiple PDF files.
  • Add Folder:- It permits you to add a folder containing PDF files.

add file folder

3. Choose the PDF files from your pc and click on the Open button.

select pdf file

4. Click on the Destination Path button to select the saving location.

pick destination path

5. Tap on the Next button to proceed further.

click on next button option

6. Choose the saving format as XLSX or XLS from the drop-down of Select Save As.

pick saving format

7. Here, we opt for the XLS file format.

opt for xls

8. You can also opt for these options:

  • Save Attachments in a subfolder:- Mark this option to download the PDF files attachments in a specific folder.
  • Convert:- Click on this to initiate the conversion of PDF files into Excel spreadsheets.

click attachment option hit next

9. You will find a pop-up showing: Process completed. Click Ok.

process completed

10. Plus, download the conversion report if you want.

download report


Through this blog, we understood the best solution to convert PDF to Excel without software installation, and along with that, we discussed the benefit of using the Excel file. Moreover, to check out the performance and working of the software, you can opt for the free version. Free PDF to Excel Converter allows you to convert PDF to Excel format with a watermark.

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