How to Remove Password from Adobe PDF file for Windows?

PDF ( Portable Document File) is a 7-bit ASCII file and some elements of it consist of binary content. It is based on the PostScript language and each PDF file contains a complete description of the fixed-layout flat document which consists of fonts, vector graphics and necessary information to present. As, PDF file consists of a variety of content, including rich media content user apply a password to protect it, but sometimes user forgot pdf password or not able to save it in proper time and place then there is a need to remove password from Adobe pdf file.

Along with various usages, PDF document also provides provision for digital signatures and encryption, metadata and file attachments. PDF is encrypted so that no unauthorized user can use it. But, in some scenarios, it becomes necessary to unlock PDF document without a password.

Some Approaches to Remove Password from Adobe PDF file

From the explained methods, you will learn how to remove password from a protected PDF document with or without having password with you. Now scroll down learn about the method explained here:


Chrome browser user can do it by the following ways:

  • Open PDF file and provide the password.
  • Click on the “Print” button, which is present on the PDF
  • Now, under destination click on “Change” button.
  • Select “Save as PDF”, & click on “Save” button.
  • Then, you have to give name and location of PDF file.
  • New PDF is similar to the original PDF, with no password.

Method# 2:

There is one option available with QPDF for PDF in form of -decrypt option. With using CMD commands, the user can unlock a PDF file, which is password protected.

Note: You should have PDF Password to open it.

Follow the steps to how to apply command to remove PDF password

1: Install MinGW
2: Install QPDF by typing this in the terminal – “sudo port install or brew install qpdf”
3: After QPDF is installed, decrypt the file by typing this in the terminal – “qpdf-decrypt-password==xxxx encrypted-filename.pdf decrypted-filename.pdf”
4: To check open decrypted-filename.pdf in Preview.


Easiest technique to access any number of protected PDF files, even if you don’t have to remember the password to open it is by using a PDF Restriction Remover tool. This will help you to even edit Meta data and other necessary information on PDF files other than removing password from an Adobe PDF document.  No, need for technical expertise to use it.

The best thing about this software you will be able to edit keywords, subject, title, author etc. as per your requirement and you will be intimidated via an email if there is any kind of unique feature update.

Why to Opt for An Alternative Approach?

Sometimes the manual way becomes painstaking effort especially when there are multiple files to work on and lots of other things to do. And, also it is not necessary that every time user have the password to open a PDF file, it can be misplaced or forgotten by anyone.  So, sometimes it becomes necessary to get access to necessary content by unlocking password protected PDF file and its various other security parameters by PDF Restriction Remover Tool. Try its free version to evaluate its performance which is very similar to its full version, the only difference is you will be able to access and save PDF file with watermarks in the free version.

Remove restriction from PDF

Salient features of the software:

  • Supports single as well as multiple PDF files.
  • Safely recovers the PDF password, be it user or owner.
  • Displays meta data properties and other necessary information of PDF.
  • Compatible with all Window editions and Adobe Acrobat versions.
  • Removes owner and user password as well as various security measures.


Mainly PDF is encrypted to maintain the confidentiality of valuable information but due to some circumstances, user forgot PDF password and not able to get desired results. Then, it is better to unlock various security measures with the help of PDF Restriction Remover Tool. This is a very handy tool to remove password from Adobe PDF file without even remembering the password.

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