How to Repair Corrupted MDF File Manually

SQL Database Corruption is too frustrating for the users and the risk of losing the data is also quite high. This can lead to the loss of some crucial data therefore I am here to tell you some techniques through which you can easily repair corrupted MDF file without any kind of data loss. It is simple and can be applied to the damaged MDF files.

But first I would like to tell the manual technique for repairing the SQL Database file and there is no 100% guarantee of recovery of files from the manual trick. There are some chances of data loss as well. Don’t worry, I also have a professional recovery tool which will help to fix corruption in the MDF file.

Now let’s see what is in the manual trick.

Repair by Using MS SQL Server Management Studio

  • Download and Install MS SQL Server Management Studio Application.
  • Open the Application on your system.

  • Now Click on New Query button on the top left corner of the page.
  • A New Query Page will appear in front of you.

Enter the Script Mentioned Below

EXEC sp_resetstatus [YourDatabase];





ALTER DATABASE [YourDatabase] SET MULTI_USERRename your database text with the original name of the file.

  • Rename your database text with the original name of the file.
  • Finally, Click on Execute.

After the execution just doubles click on the file and open it and I hope now you might be able to open the corrupt MDF file. If you are unable to open MDF file then I would recommend that you should go for a third party tool. The third-party tool will only help you out.

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How to Choose the MDF Recovery Tool?

Now it a big question that which tool would be the most appropriate one to repair corrupted MDF files and if you will search on the web you will find much software. So the choice is yours, you can try any third party tool. But before you go for any tool you should inspect the following features in it:-

  • The tool must recover tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, default, and functions from the corrupted MDF File.
  • Must save the data in SQL Server Database Format or SQL Server Compatible Script Format.
  • It must recover all the items of the file without any data loss.
  • Repair both files i.e. MDF and NDF.
  • Compatible with all the versions of windows.
  • Software must support BLOB, Image, XML, and large page data.

There are many other features but I have told you the needed ones so first you must see whether the tool possesses all these features then only try that tool.

I know it would be difficult for you to find out the tool with all the features but I want to make it easier for you. You can try the SQL Database Recovery tool by Sysinfotools which is effective and possess all the features. In fact, it has some additional features as well.

SQL Database Recovery Software

The SQL Database Recovery Tool is a professional software designed to recover data from damaged MDF files without causing any data loss. If you want to test the authenticity of the tool then you can download the demo version of the software where it will display the recovered data of the file. But if you want to save those data then you have to download the full version of the software. Now let’s see how this tool works.

Repair Corrupted MDF File using MDF File Repair Tool

  • Download the Repair Tool and Open it. Then Browse the MDF file which has to be Repaired.
  • Select the Recovery Mode and Collation Option and Click on OK to start the scanning process.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message once the process completes. Click OK to Continue.
  • All your recovered data will be displayed in Tree-Structured Format in front of you. On the top click on Save button to save the files.
  • Here you have to choose the saving location and format where you can either select SQL Server Database Format or SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts format.
  • Once the file is saved you will again get a confirmation message then Click on OK and close the application.

Now you can view and open your MDF file from the location where you have saved the file and you can also access all the items that are visible in front of you.


Well, I have told you both the ways that are manual and professional and now it totally depends on you which technique you will apply. The manual techniques are quite lengthy and it will take time. So why don’t you take a shortcut to repair corrupted MDF file? Try the professional tool because it guarantees 100% recovery without any data alteration. So I hope you liked my article.

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