Tricks for Setting up AOL Email Account in Outlook

Are you looking for tricks for setting up AOL email account in Outlook? If yes, then by coming to this post, you have already solved half of your queries. Stay with us till the end and you will resolve all of them.

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AOL stores a large number of emails of the users and is a widely used email client today. It offers a lot of features along with privacy and security. Although it does not have any shortcomings whatsoever, it lacks in terms of the flexibility offered by Outlook. MS Outlook provides a variety of additional features like journals, notes, tasks, contacts, etc. AOL email clients users can import AOL mail to Outlook and enjoy the benefits of both the products altogether. This can be done by following the method elaborated afterward.

Moreover, setting up AOL email in Outlook is productive and can help the users in various ways. Some of the reasons that give rise to AOL mail problems today are discussed below.

  • Due to some organizational shift from AOL to Outlook, employees need to do the same.
  • To use the added benefits and features of MS Outlook.
  • To avoid the downtime of AOL, and to view your emails offline.

These reasons develop a strong urge in users for setting up AOL email account in Outlook. The following manual method will help you to forward AOL mail to Outlook.

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How Do I Import AOL Mail to Outlook?

By Manually Adding AOL Account In Outlook

Before we start the import process, we need to complete the prerequisite steps that are required before the setup.

Steps To Generate App-Password in AOL

The following step will assist you in creating the app password that you would require for login in Outlook.

  • Sign In to your AOL email account, using your AOL login credentials.
  • Click on Options at the top-right corner and choose Account Info.
  • account setting
  • Now, in the new tab, click on Account Security.
  • After that, scroll down and click on Manage App Passwords.
  • Click on Select your App, and from the drop-down options, choose Outlook Desktop.
  • choose outlook desktop
  • Hit on the Generate button and your app password will be generated.
  • click on genenrate
  • Finally, Copy the password and click on Done.

This app password will be required for setting up AOL email account in Outlook by logging in to Outlook. As we have done the prerequisite steps, let us move to the method to access AOL email account in Outlook.

Manually Adding AOL Account In Outlook

  1. Open the MS Outlook application on your PC.
  2. Hit the File button at the top.
  3. Under the Info option, click on Add Account.
  4. Now, enter the AOL email address in the space provided and click on Advanced Options.
  5. go to advance option
  6. Check on Set up my Account Manually, and click on Connect.
  7. After that, from the available options, click on POP.
  8. Now, you have to manually enter all the values very precisely. Fill in all the options as mentioned. Under Incoming Mail,
    Server –
    Port – 995
  9. Mark on Server requires an encrypted connection option.
  10. Under Outgoing Mail,
    Server –
    Port – 465
  11. In front of the encryption method, from the drop-down options choose SSL/TLS.
  12. As you have filled in all the required options, click on Next.
  13. click next
  14. Now, enter the app-generated password that we have created in the prerequisite steps and click on Connect.
  15. generate password
  16. At last, click on Done, and the AOL account is ready to be used in Outlook.

The above method is the only manual solution for setting up AOL email account in Outlook. It is a direct method but can be tricky to follow for some users. It is also time-consuming and requires a basic understanding of the POP protocol. If you want to avoid these hurdles, you can directly go for an expert solution (Sysinfo AOL Mail Backup Tool).

This tool directly offers to import AOL emails to Outlook. It has a facility of AOL mail

download to your desktop in various formats. Also, it has an additional feature of migrating AOL to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and other email clients. You can easily operate this tool as it is equipped with an intuitive GUI.


The solution to AOL not working with Outlook is provided here in the form of a manual method. This is the only available method for setting up AOL email account in Outlook. It is expected of the users to have some technical knowledge to execute this method. As an alternate, you can go for a third-party professional tool for efficiently setting up AOL email account in Outlook.

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