Facing an Error in Opening JPG file. Fix it.

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  • Updated on February 24th, 2022

Have you recently deleted pictures from computer? Have you lost digital photos from your digital camera? Are you facing an error in opening jpg file? Digital photos and pictures are the best way to preserve old memories. But their loss can cause severe pain to any individual. If backup is available, you can restore them with ease. But if there’s no backup, you must use Photo Recovery software to recover lost and deleted photos, pictures and images. Before discussing further on photo recovery, let’s find out the most common reasons behind data loss. These types of losses can hurt the user up to a great extent. The images are the only medium of retaining memories for a longer period of time.

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Data Loss – Most Common Reasons 

The two most common reasons for data loss are: accidental deletion and corruption. You can lose all your photos, pictures and images from digital cameras, computer system and any other storage media device due to any of these reasons.

Accidental Deletion 

Accidental deletion occurs when you accidentally delete photos, pictures or any other image file from any storage media device. If you delete files from the computer, they go to the Recycle Bin from where you can restore them with ease. Even if you delete files from any external storage media connected to your computer system, you can easily restore them from the recycle bin. In these days, all the latest devices including digital cameras and mobile phones provide you Deleted Items folder (built-in). Whatever you delete, it goes to that folder. You can easily recover or restore your data from it. Such data recovery is only possible if you use temporary deletion method. In case of permanent deletion, you can’t restore anything from the recycle bin. You must avoid permanent deletion in order to prevent data loss.

Data Corruption

Another most common reason behind any type of data loss is corruption. There are numerous reasons which can cause corruption, and make the files inaccessible or unreadable. Even sometimes corruption can cause file deletion and unwanted system registry cleaning. There are various reasons which can cause corruption, such as: virus or malware infection, abruptly system shutdown, forcefully termination of application, hardware failure, software failure or malfunction, hard disk crash, etc. It’s always difficult to figure out the correct reason behind corruption. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that you face data loss. Remember that corruption is an inevitable occurrence, it’s certain to happen.

Loss of photos and pictures is unbearable 

Whatever the reason is, be it accidental deletion or data corruption, you’ll lose all your invaluable photos, pictures and all other image files forever. You can’t afford such a major loss, can you? Losing photos and pictures means you’re losing all your old beautiful memories forever. Is it painful? Certainly, it is!

Wait! Have you backed up your data earlier? I must say you’re lucky enough. You can restore your lost or deleted data from backup file. Backup file contains copies of original data which you can restore at any time. Every single computer user must take backup of its computer data in a regular manner. Unfortunately, it becomes challenging for you to restore anything from backup if it’s corrupt. Even if you don’t update your backup regularly, you can’t restore 100% data.

Manual Recovery Solutions

4 Easy Ways for Fixing an Error in opening JPG file

Solution 1- Retrieve Files from Backup

Sometimes the error occurs due to the corruption of file. So you can easily retrieve images from the Backup folder. For doing so just:-

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go to “Google Services”
  • Choose “Backup”
  • From the “Active Backups”  restore the files
Solution 2- Enable “Automatically Create Backup” option

The user must always keep his automatic backup option “ON”. If the option is disabled then he must follow these steps:-

  • Open “My Photos”
  • Enable “Automatic Backup” option
  • Type the respective email I.D where you want to create backup
  • Then tap on “Confirm”
Solution 3- Inspect Bin Folder
  • Open Phone Gallery
  • Choose “Options” on top left corner
  • Third option will be “bin”. Open it.
  • Select the images that showing an error
  • Click on “Restore”
Solution 4- Download from Social Media

The corrupted images can be recovered from the social media portals. If the user is facing an error in opening JPG file then he can download it from facebook or can take a screenshot from instagram in order to get back the images.

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Professional Recovery Solutions 

If there’s no backup available or if it’s corrupt, you must try professional recovery solutions. You have two options here: either you can hire a data recovery expert which can perform data recovery for you, or you can perform data recovery by yourself with the help of Photo Recovery software. I would personally suggest you to use professional recovery software instead of hiring a data recovery expert.

Photo Recovery Software 

Photo Recovery is the smartest photo recovery solution provided by SysInfoTools Software. It’s available with demo version for free evaluation. You can scan the storage media device, and preview the recovered files and folders in tree-structure. Also, you can check the file preview in a separate window. Before you can purchase its licensed version, just have a quick look on the key features below:

  • Swift recovery of lost/deleted images, pictures and photos from any storage media
  • Support all popular image file formats used in various platforms by different devices
  • Support both FAT aka File Allocation Table and NTFS aka New Technology File System 
  • Three recovery modes for different level of corruption: Standard, Advanced and Deep 
  • Support audio file recovery and video file recovery (all popular formats)

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