Best Techniques to Resolve Sync Issues in Outlook?

Usually, the Sync Issues folder consists of all the Outlook synchronization of logs. When MS Outlook runs in Cached Exchange Mode, we call the Sync Issue Folder in the drop-down list of folders. Nowadays, almost all users face sync issues in MS Outlook due to oversized OST files and various other reasons. However, I will discuss how you can fix sync issues in Outlook.


Nowadays, when a user tries to do any changes in the mailbox, OST files are also affected by it. In simple words, mailboxes and OST files synced with each other. The synchronization process between these two is responsible for maintaining uninterrupted and smooth sending or receiving of emails. If you are not able to send or receive emails properly, then the Outlook synchronization problem occurs. In the upcoming section, I will highlight some causes of why Outlook sync issues arise.

Reasons for Causing Synchronization Errors in Outlook

There are various reasons why Outlook is not syncing. In this section, I will highlight reasons for better understanding.

  • Large or Oversized OST file
  • Incompatible or Faulty Add-ins
  • Firewall issues or Network connection
  • Damaged or Corrupt Outlook profile
  • Software or Hardware issues
  • Facing Problems in sending or receiving emails.

More Information About Sync Issues in Outlook

Usually, Synchronized log files are saved in MS Outlook. In this section, I will mention different subfolders regarding log files.

  • Local Failures – The Sync Issue Folder has a subfolder, Local failure. It helps to store all the information regarding the emails that can not be sent to the mailbox server.
  • Conflicts – The Sync folder has another subfolder, Conflicts. It stores numerous copies of emails that can directly affect the size of mailbox items.
  • Server Folder – This is the last subfolder of the Sync Issue folder. It saves all the mail items of MS Outlook that are not configured with the mailbox server.

I have highlighted subfolders of the Synchronized Log folder that get knowledge about where the synchronization errors in Outlook may find. Moreover, I will highlight the solutions to solve the Outlook sync issues.

Solutions to Fix Outlook Synchronization Problem

Commonly, Sync Issues in Outlook can be ignored in easy ways. When your mailbox is completely full, only the synchronization process may stop between MS Outlook and its mailbox server. Here, in this upcoming section, I will talk about the solutions for fixing Outlook sync issues.

  • Check Synchronized Settings in MS Outlook
  • Log Synchronization
  • Reconfigure the Outlook Folders
  • Clear all the Sync Issues Data

However, I have just given you an overview of different solutions to fix sync issues in Outlook. In Additional, I will go through them in detail for clearing all your doubts.

Solution 1: Check Synchronized Settings in MS Outlook

For checking the Synchronized settings, you must have the Microsoft Outlook application on your local system. Just follow the steps to check the settings.

  • Open MS Outlook > right-click on any folder > choose Properties.
  • After that, go to the Draft Properties tab.
  • In the end, check the Last Synchronized data option very carefully.

Solution 2: Log Synchronization

I will disable the cached Exchange Mode to stop the synchronization process. It will help to solve the sync issues in Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Application > File menu.sync issues in Outlook
  • Choose Info > Account Settings option.
  • After that, click on the Change button under the Email Option.sync issues in Outlook
  • Then, Go to the Use Cached Exchange Mode option > uncheck > Next > Done.
  • Now, close the setting. In the end, exit the MS Outlook application and restart it.sync issues in Outlook

Here, I have successfully completed another method to fix the synchronization errors in Outlook through Log Synchronization.

Solution 3: Reconfigure the Outlook Folders

This is a simple method to fix the sync issues in Outlook. In starting, non-technical users face difficulty at first time.

  • First, Launch MS Outlook > Tools tab.
  • Now, choose the Options > Mail Setup tab under the Tools tab.
  • Check the Send quickly when the Connected box is in the Send/Receive section.
  • Click Send/Receive tab > choose to Perform an Automatic Send/Receive when Existing.
  • In the end, click on the Close button to leave the dialogue box > OK.

Solution 4: Clear All the Sync Issues Data

Users who face Outlook synchronization problems then they can clear all the sync issues that contain in their data. You can follow the steps mentioned below that I will highlight.

  • First of all, Go to the Outlook application > click on the three dots in the bottom left > Folders.
  • After that, on the left panel, Click on the Sync Issues folder that will appear.
  • sync issues in Outlook
  • Moving ahead, choose all the messages and clear the folder. Exit the Outlook application.

Therefore, I have solved the sync issues in Outlook by clearing all the sync issues data. If you are not able to fix the error then your OST files are severely damaged or corrupted. You are recommended to opt for the Sysinfo OST Recovery Tool to repair your corrupted or inaccessible content of OST Files. Even any user utilizes this software without having any expertise in running this wizard to recover corrupt OST file.


I am here to finish up the entire blog. I have highlighted the introduction of sync folders that will help to understand and fix the sync issues in Outlook. After that, I discussed the solutions to fix sync issues in Microsoft Outlook.

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