Top Ways to Convert IMAP to Office 365

Convert IMAP to Office 365, if you don’t want your emails to lie of an insecure server line. In such case, Office 365 is the best choice a user can rely upon for taking backup of your emails. Besides, Office 365 is a well-bounded interface that allows offline access. Although, you can undoubtedly migrate client’s messages from their IMAP email clients to Office 365 utilizing the Internet Message Access Protocol. However, before relocation, there are a few constraints that must know about.

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  • Approx 500,00 inbox items can be exported from a user’s email account.
  • Max size restriction for an email message is 35MB.
  • Only the inbox items or other email folders can be exported. Although, one cannot export contacts, calendars, and tasks.
    To relocate user inbox messages using IMAP in Office 365 administrator:
  • Redirect to Setup and tap Data Migration to proceed migration of IMAP email messages.

Methods to Convert IMAP to Office 365 without Automation:

Add IMAP to Office 365 with the help of the Office 365 Admin Center

Now, let’s take a look at the steps for moving IMAP messages using the Office 365 admin centre. Follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. First, launch and log in using valid Admin credentials such as username and password.
  2. Secondly, find the Setup option on the menu and then choose Data Migration.
  3. Thirdly, tap Data Migration, then “Select your data service” wizard will display up on your screen. If your email service is mentioned in it, then opt it.
  4. After picking the desired email service, you may choose appropriate users.
  5. Then, pick the users that you wish to export and type in the email username & security key.
  6. Next, hit the “Start Migration” button given at the left corner of the dialogue box.
  7. In the end, The conversion status can fall under any of these categories: Starting – Queued – Syncing – Synced. When the status become Synced, tap “Stop Migration” to terminate the process. After the process is complete, tap the “Close Connection’’ button.

Now, moving on to the solution to convert IMAP to Office 365, if there is no provider listed.

Switch from IMAP to Office 365 if Your Provider is Not Mentioned

Shifting from IMAP to Office 365 using the listed provider is an easier approach. If an email service isn’t mentioned, then the process will be way trickier. Go through the below-mentioned instructions for non-mentioned providers.

  • First, choose relevant email references from the “pick your data service” dialogue box.
  • Secondly, Enter in the IMAP connection data with the required details to check the connection. You can utilize any verified IMAP protocol for such cause. tap the “Save” button to check the connection.
  • Thirdly, the connection is established, it will then show up all the user inbox that are relevant to the given mail address.
  • Finally, when you export from other mail services that are not listed, then you’ll have to mention the app security key. After including the details, go through the above instructions from bullet 5-7 to convert the user’s email messages.

However, if you’re exporting Google apps using your domain. Then you must generate DNS records at Google Domains for Office 365 once the transfer is complete. This is extremely important to forward the email messages to Office 365 inbox instead of Google applications. If you export using a different IMAP email provider where you own the domain. Then, try to verify particular prerequisites to navigate the domain provider.

Imap Migration Office 365 Limitations:

  • The integrated approach only gives out the desired results when followed by stepwise.
  • Missing a step could lead to permanent data loss.
  • The approach can be trickier for non-technical users.
  • The approach is more efficient if applied on minimum no. of emails.

Convert IMAP to Office 365 using a Commercial Approach

If you are looking for an effortless approach, then this method might be the right fit for you. The IMAP Backup Tool is professionally designed to backup IMAP emails to Office 365 mailbox. The embedded interface provides a significant way to import IMAP emails to any distinctive webmail client without prior technical knowledge. Besides, the method lists out several attributes that can be utilized by the user to filter data, maintaining structures, etc. Some of the tool features are below.

Attributes of the tool:

  • The tool restores IMAP inbox files along with attachment folder to your local machine.
  • Deliberately stores IMAP mailbox emails to file formats like PST, DOC, OST, MSG, PNG, TIFF, MBOX, EML, DOCM, JPG, PDF, and EMLX.
  • Downloads IMAP emails locally on computer an external and internal storage drive without losing any data.
  • Transfers IMAP emails to distinct webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, live exchange, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc.
  • Facilitates an option to perform batch IMAP migration.
  • Pulls out unimportant IMAP emails that do not lie under specific date range.
  • Downloads IMAP emails as backup without data redundancy.

Last Remark:

The above solutions use user-friendly protocols to convert IMAP to Office 365 emails without hesitation. Although, considering the manual approaches limitations the procedure might give out inconsistent results. Therefore, it is refer for user to utilize 100 % secure methods to receive optimize results.

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