Best Ways to Export Emails From Google Workspace to PC

We live in an era, where data is much more valuable than humans. In the current environment, we prefer to use products like Google Workspace that are user-friendly and allow the majority of services to be provided by a single service provider. But keeping the backup of these email service providers is the wisest choice. So, in this write-up, we will learn methods to export emails from Google Workspace with the traditional and automated Google Workspace Backup Tool. Let’s look at the ways to save data from Google Workspace.

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Manual Ways to Download Google Workspace Emails

For downloading your Google Workspace data manually, there are two options. You can choose any one of them accordingly. Let’s proceed with the techniques.

Method 1: Use the Data Export Option to Backup Google Workspace Emails.

Take the below steps to execute this method.

  • With an admin account, access Google Workspace.
  • Go to the Data Export option under the Tools menu.
    export emails from Google Workspace
  • Click the Start Export button in the new wizard to begin exporting your data, and you’ll be informed when it’s finished.
  • Depending on the amount of data, this process could take up to 72 hours.
    export emails from Google Workspace
  • Click the View option under the Archive once you have downloaded your data.
  • Now that Google is requesting account authentication, grant it permission.
    export emails from Google Workspace
  • Choose the folder you want to see, and you can access your data up to 30 days after the date of download.

In this way, your Google Workspace email backups. But you are not able to access your downloaded data after 30 days. In this case, try the next alternative to saving Google Workspace data.

Method 2: Use Google Takeout to Export Emails from Google Workspace

Take the below steps to download Google Workspace data.

  • Access your Google Workspace Gmail account.
  • Go to your name icon and choose the Manage Your Google Account option.
  • In the new wizard, select Data and Privacy > Download Your Data, and your Google Takeout page opens.
  • Here select Google Workspace Marketplace after scrolling the options under the select Data to Include drop-down.
  • Manage the Frequency, file type, and destination features accordingly.
  • At last, click the Start Export button, and your Google Workspace data will download in the zip format.
  • This zip file you will get at the location that you decided on while managing these features.

In this manner, you can export emails from Google Workspace, but again, depending on the size of the data, you may need to wait up to 72 hours.

But in reality, do you really have as much time to wait 72 hours to download your data? The vast majority of people, in my opinion, disagree with what I’ve said. Professionals like myself don’t have as much time as amateurs to download data with practical approaches. We, therefore, require a dependable and professional solution like Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool to backup G Suite data with ease and quickly. Find the details below about this cutting-edge tool.

Export Emails from Google Workspace With an Advanced Approach

Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool is a feature-rich tool that allows you to backup G Suite data in a matter of moments. With the help of this tool, you can directly transfer G Suite data to other clouds and transfer Google Drive, Contacts, Calendars, and Gmail data to several file formats without losing any information. Additionally, this tool can migrate G Suite to Office 365 proficiently.

Additionally, you won’t have to wait very long to download your data. You can speak with our customer service representatives directly for any kind of help, and they will be happy to help.


1. How to export G Suite emails?

Ans. Follow the instructions below to export G Suite emails.
1. Download the Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool
2. Click the Sign in with Google button after entering the necessary information.
3. Select the Google accounts you want to take further for downloading.
4. Choose the application as Gmail from the list of preferences.
5. Select the file format and manage the other features as well according to your requirements.
6. At last, click the download button, and your Google Workspace emails will download or migrate to your desired format.

2. Do the backups made by the Google Workspace Backup Tool only include emails?

Ans. No, you can backup Google Drive, contacts, and Calendar with this tool in addition to emails.

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