How To Transfer Emails From Hotmail To Another Outlook or Hotmail Account

Are you thinking about moving emails from Hotmail to another Outlook or Hotmail account? You are at the right place! In today’s world, users of Hotmail account now integrate their email into Microsoft You may want to transfer emails from one Hotmail to another account for many good reasons. Therefore, this high tech guide will provide you the different ways to move Hotmail emails to another account.

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Most experts have said that server-based systems(Hotmail) often produce some serious problems that nobody can manage. As Outlook is the trustworthy email client used by many professionals, that’s why many users think to Transfer emails from  Hotmail to Outlook.

Reasons to transfer Hotmail to Outlook:

  • MS Outlook is used more frequently than Hotmail. 
  • It is easier to manage information in Outlook than in Hotmail.
  • Lets us move to know the solution for migration.

You can access your (verbally known as in Outlook for Mac via can download new messages to your pc if you set up email as a POP account in Outlook for Mac.

Manually Fetch Emails with Outlook for Mac

Activate POP3 in the settings to set up an email account using POP to send and receive mail.

  1. The initial step is to open a web browser, log in to and then choose Settings.
  2. Choose View all Outlook settings option.
  3. Next, Go to Mail —>> Sync email.
  4. Navigate to POP and IMAP section, within POP and IMAP section select Let devices and apps use POP, then select Yes
  5. To stop deleting email from your web-based email account, choose Don’t allow devices and apps to delete messages from Outlook.
  6. Hit on Save option and close the Settings dialogue box.
  7. For Mac desktop app, Open the Outlook then select Tools > Accounts.
  8. Click + (plus sign) on the bottom of the accounts list.
  9. Choose a New Account.
  10. Enter your email address in the Please enter your email address window.
  11. Enter your password in the Password text box.
  12. Choose the Done option.
  13. Close the window for accounts.

A Third-Party Solution to Transfer Emails from one Hotmail to another account

Hotmail Backup is the well-designed utility to directly import emails from one Hotmail account to another like Outlook, Yahoo mail, Gmail, etc. It is also used to backup all emails into different formats like PDF, PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, HTML, and TXT  for mac operating systems. 

This software can run on all the versions of mac. Now going towards to know the working of Mac Hotmail Backup utility in below steps:

Export Hotmail Emails to Other file formats:

1. Open and provide the Hotmail credentials for Mac Hotmail Backup Extractor.

2. Choose the file format to open the Hotmail messages.

3. Browse the file’s Save location.

4. Pick back up files and folders and then add Date Range Filters.

5. The client can use the right to rename Resultant files with the Naming Convention option.

6. Upon completion of the process the client receives a message of confirmation.

 II. Export Hotmail Emails on Mac to other Email Clients:

1. Start the Hotmail backup tool for Mac and log in to the Hotmail account.

2. Pick the email client to export Hotmail messages.

3. Create Respective Email Client’s credentials.

4. Once the process is complete, all the Hotmail emails in the database can be accessed by the user.

5. Once the backup process is completed, the client can sign out from Hotmail Account.


Ultimately, I hope you will now get the best solution from the above discussion on how to Transfer emails from one Hotmail to another account. In this blog, we’ve clarified all of Hotmail’s features to Move Hotmail emails to another account that helps all users to perfectly go with a conversion. Also, we have discussed manual and a third party solution to quickly import emails from one Hotmail account to another.

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