How To Import MSG Files Into PST With Step By Step Guide

The article describes many ways to import MSG files into PST format. You can choose any one as per your preference. In this article, you will also learn the ideal option for MSG to PST conversion.

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Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email client equipped with various features. It supports both MSG and PST file formats. The MSG file format stores an Outlook email, attachment, task, etc. It saves one email file. On the other hand, a PST file can store the complete mailbox data.

So, it is beneficial to import all the MSG files to Outlook PST file format. There are several other reasons why you should migrate MSG to PST.

Reasons to Migrate MSG Files to Outlook PST Format

Before learning the methods to import MSG files into PST file format, you must be aware of the reasons for migration. The PST file format has several advantages over MSG. Let us learn about them.

  • PST file formats are ideal for creating Outlook backup. You can convert MSG to PST file format and save them as a backup. It will help you in restoring the mailbox files in case of data loss.
  • A single PST file can store the complete mailbox data. On the other hand, one MSG file can save only one email. Therefore, you can easily handle the emails in MSG format by converting them into PST.
  • In case of file corruption, you can repair the PST file using the inbuilt SCANPST.EXE available with every Microsoft Outlook version. But, there is no such facility with MSG files. So, it is convenient to convert MSG to PST files.

Manual Methods to Import MSG Files into PST

There are some simple steps by which you can migrate your MSG file to PST files with ease. You do not need any additional tools to perform the procedure. All you need is the Microsoft Outlook application and basic technical knowledge.

  • Drag and Drop Method

It is a manual technique through which you can easily migrate the files. In this technique, you have to drag items from one application to another. Therefore, you must open both Microsoft Outlook applications and File Explorer so that you can toggle between them.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Now, click on the Mail option in the menu bar.
  3. After that, press the New folder option to create a new folder.
  4. create a new folder
  5. Give a desired name to the folder and open it.
  6. Now, locate the MSG files that you want to import. Select all the files.
  7. Right-click the mouse button and hold it. Then move the pointer to the new Outlook folder.
  8. At last, release the right-click to import the MSG files to Outlook PST files.
  • Copy MSG Files and Paste them to Outlook

It is another simple yet effective technique to import MSG files into PST. It only requires the copy and pastes technique to migrate files from one place to another. Follow the steps below to perform this technique.

  1. Locate the MSG files in your system drive.
  2. Copy all the files that you want to migrate.
  3. copy files
  4. Now, open Microsoft Outlook and create a new folder.
  5. Name it as your preference and paste the copied MSG files to it.
  6. It will import the MSG files in your system to Outlook PST files.

Both these methods are simple, and anyone can perform them. However, they are not reliable for data safety. These techniques may damage the MSG file during migration.

Limitations of Manual Solutions

The manual solutions are effective but they also have drawbacks. Generally, the manual techniques have complicated steps that every user can not perform. Also, the chances of file corruption are high. Therefore, they are not the most reliable solution to Import MSG files into PST file format. You will need a professional third-party MSG to PST converter online for converting files.

Professional Solution

Sysinfo MSG to PST Converter Tool is the most reliable and secure solution to import MSG files to PST file format. It safely converts MSG into PDF and other file formats. You can also migrate MST files to various email clients. You need not perform complicated steps because the software has an easy-to-use GUI. Above all, the MSG converter tool is fast and effective. It is a one-stop solution for MSG to PST conversion.


Hopefully, you have learned how to import MSG files into PST file format. The two options available are the drag and drop and then the copy and paste method. Both these options are fast and effective. So, you can choose any one as per your preference. Sysinfo MSG Converter tool is the ideal method to convert MSG to PST online for free.

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