Migrating Documents from Office 365 to Google Apps

This post is really useful for all those users who are looking for a way to migrate Office 365 docs to Google Apps / G Suite. This write-up describes the response to that question. Straightforward approaches to conducting the migration process are given in this post. Just go ahead and get the workaround for Migrating Documents from Office 365 to Google Apps.

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Office 365: MS Office 365 is another seamless program for collaboration and teamwork. It’s a fee-based suite of services provided by Microsoft for both business and personal needs. Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, One Note, Skype, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Applications are included.

Google Apps: Now this is known as G Suite. Google Apps is the most famous cloud service provider in the world that assists in carrying out business tasks. G Suite offers Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Slides, Calendar, Hold Hangouts and other Google Features. This also offers excellent third-party assistance and can be enabled from the Google Web Store.

After looking at Office 365 and Google Apps, it is suggested that file management is one of the key reasons for using the Cloud productivity suite. Users can save their files from any computer in the cloud, and access them anywhere. Those files are easy to share along with this. So, now we are describing the main reasons for transferring Office 365 docs to Google Apps.

Reasons to Migrate Office 365 Docs to Google Apps

  • Google Apps are far better than Office 365.
  • G Suite or Google Apps improve the team’s work together in an easy and effective manner.
  • Similar to Office 365, Google Apps delivers the best efficiency, longevity, and productivity enhancement.
  • Google Apps support and run easily.
  • Strengthens accessibility because we are able to open and edit emails straight from the mailbox of Google Apps.

After knowing the reasons behind this query, let’s go ahead to know the ways for moving Office 365 documents to G Suite or Google Apps.

Manual Method for Migrating Documents from Office 365 to Google Apps

Perform the following steps for this:

  1. First, open your OneDrive account and sign in to it using your credentials.
  2. Then select the documents to move from OneDrive to Google Drive.
  3. Now, hit the Download button and wait for the download completion.
  4. Next, sign in to Google Drive.
  5. In the My Drive menu, press the “Upload Files” option.
  6. In the end, the process of transferring Office 365 documents to G Suite is completed.

Now, you successfully shifted your Office 365 docs into G Suite. But, this manual method has some deficiencies that you might face while implementing the steps.

Deficiencies of Manual Method

  • Data theft changes may occur.
  • This manual solution is not valid for large-size documents.
  • Fast broadband access is required.
  • Time-consuming method for downloading and uploading large volumes of data.
  • High complexities between the steps.
  • Data manipulation may generate.
  • Resulting in bad outcomes.

Remember that to archive data from Office 365 to Google Apps, you may lose original content. So, first take the backup of the whole Office 365 account, if any mishappening occurs then you can have the entire data safe on your system. For this, use the Sysinfo Office 365 Backup utility to take a quick and instant backup of the entire Office 365 account. This tool is specially produced for taking backups and keeping data safe on the user’s system.


Most organizations are shifting from Office 365 to Google Apps for various reasons as mentioned in this post. This post includes a manual way for Migrating Documents from Office 365 to Google Apps. Manual methods have many limitations, so to keep data secure, we have clearly stated a direct utility for taking backup. Therefore, first users have to choose a professional tool to make data content safe then go for the manual methods. You can also check another blog to migrate from G suite to Office 365.

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