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You must be aware of the importance of PDF files in business world. PDF files are highly popular among Internet users. The usages of PDF files include writing eBooks, reports, documents, user guides, marketing brochures and graphs. PDF files are saved in portable document format, which is highly popular for sharing files and documents from one place to another. The vast benefits of PDF files make them the first choice for computer users, be they students or office administrators. The user will be able to Split and mix two PDFs after reading the whole blog.

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Some Features of Portable Document Format (PDF)

  • PDF files are easy to create and easy to share over the network;
  • PDF files can easily contain text, images, document formatting, file properties and many other file objects;
  • PDF files are compressed in size as compared to other documents, so you can easily save a lot of space on your hard disk;
  • PDF files are supported by all popular operating systems of Windows and Mac systems, as well as mobile operating systems like iOS and Android;
  • PDF files are secured if you apply password protection and other security parameters on them.

These are the most eye-catching features of PDF files; however situations may arise when managing PDF files become challenging for users. Such manageability issues mostly occur with large-sized PDF files or if you’re having multiple small PDF files. Though such situations look very casual, but can cause great inconvenience for PDF users.

PDF Split and Merge

The only options PDF users left with are splitting PDF files if it’s large in size and mix two PDFs into one if they’re large in numbers. Luckily Adobe Acrobat provides built-in functions which help users split PDF file as well as merge PDF files. But you can only use these functions if you’re having the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, not the free version. For those users who don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro version, I strongly recommend them to use professional PDF Split and Merge software programmed for splitting PDF files as well as combining PDF files. But first let’s talk about the manual procedures via Adobe Acrobat Pro.

PDF split and merge

Split PDF File via Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro on your system.

Step 2: On the menu bar, click File > Open. Select the PDF file you want to split, and open it.
Note: You can check the file size by changing View Menu to Details.

Step 3: On the menu bar, click Documents > Pages > Extract.

Step 4: On the Extract Pages window, enter the pages you want to extract from the selected PDF file.

Step 5: Before you can click OK to start the process, make sure the Delete Pages After Extracting box is unchecked. This will delete the selected pages after extraction.

Step 6: Within a couple of seconds, the extracted pages will be opened in a new window.

Step 7: Now save them into a new PDF file at any location with a new name. Click File on the menu bar, and Save As.

Merge PDF Files via Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro on your system.

Step 2: On the menu bar, click File > Create > Combine Files into a Single PDF.

Step 3: On Combine Files window, click Add Files… button and click Add Files… in the option.

Step 4: Now select the PDF files in the list which you want to combine. You can arrange the selected PDF files in any order.

Step 5: Once the PDF files are selected and arranged in an order, click Combine Files button to start combining the files.

Step 6: Within a few seconds, the selected PDF files will be merged into a single file.

Step 7: Now you can save the file at any location with a new name.

Now let’s talk about those users who don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro tool. It wouldn’t be worth purchasing this software only for splitting and merging purpose as it will cost you more than enough. Instead of this, you have a better option of a professional software tool. I’m talking about the smart and efficient PDF Split and Merge tool provided by SysInfoTools Software. It will cost you only $29 and helps you in PDF splitting as well as to mix two PDFs easily. It also allows users to secure their new PDF files with password-protection feature. Download free demo version of this software for free evaluation purpose that allows you to save the output PDF files with one limitation. The pages of output PDF files will be saved with watermark on them. To avoid this limitation, you need to purchase the licensed version of this tool.

Understand Adobe PDF Merge and Split technique through video tutorial:

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