Google Account Storage Limitation 2021 Problems and Solutions

Cloud storage is one of the major areas of concern for the top tech giants in today’s time. All the email service providers that use the cloud for storing the email data of the users are now getting into space handling issues constantly. Google has also started to show the after-effects of this problem. Google’s new storage policy that came on 1st June 2021 is a live example of this. The Google account storage limitation 2021 has forced it to come up with new guidelines for its storage needs.

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In this blog, we will be taking a look at the Google account storage problems and how we can solve them. If you are a Google services user like Gmail, Google Photos, etc., then you would surely be aware of the storage issue.

Google has provided its users a free total cloud storage space of 15GB. Do not misunderstand this for only Gmail or other Google apps individually, but it is combination storage for all the Google apps. Perhaps, after the new storage policy from Google, it will not be the same anymore. It will mostly affect the users that are frequent users of the Google Photos application that encounter the Google Photos account storage full issue.

As stated by Google, they have to do this and are going ahead with the new storage limitations as around 4.3 million GB of data only from Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos are being uploaded to the cloud daily. Moreover, there are already 4 trillion photos present on the Google server that are being added at a pace of 28 billion photos and videos every week. That is a huge amount, and they have to take specific measures to make sure their services do not take a hit. Now, without wasting time, first, let us take a look at the changes that have been brought from the new Google Storage Policy.

Google Account New Storage Policy

The following points are the main takeaways from the new Google account storage limitation 2021 policy.

  • The Google Photos and videos that the users would be uploading on the cloud would be adding to the 15GB of free storage provided by Google. Unlike earlier, when it was allowed to add any size of photos and space did not matter.
  • All the photos and videos that were uploaded before the new storage policy, i.e., 1 June 2021, will not be accounted into the 15GB storage limit and are exempted.
  • If you upload high-resolution photos that are of high quality, then the size of your photos would not be added to the 15GB storage limitation even after 1 June. Additionally, photos uploaded from Pixel 1-5 devices would also be exempted from the storage space.
  • Google has offered new plans that offer additional space at very low prices.
  • The tech giant has decided to remove selected data from your Google account if your account has been inactive for the last 2 years.

All the above main changes in the Google Storage Policy should be kept in mind for a seamless experience. As we are talking about the Google account storage limitation 2021, you should also be aware of the following problems that can crop up if you are at your storage limit.

Google Account Storage Problems

You can face the below-mentioned issues if you are over your total Google storage limit.

  1. The Google Drive will be jammed, and you will not be able to create or upload any more files or images.
  2. The backup option to Google Photos and videos is also lost as the Google account video storage would be completely utilized.
  3. The smooth flow of the email transmission is affected once you start getting close to the storage limit.
  4. The combined worksheets like spreadsheets, slides, drawings, etc., can be accessed.

These are very crucial problems that affect the working of the users. You should know how to manage the storage space issues effectively. To help you with these problems, the solutions to the Google account storage limitation 2021 are listed below.

Google Account Storage Limit Solutions

All the possible tricks and methods mentioned below can help you to free up your Google account storage space. They are described precisely so that you can follow them with ease. But before that, let us show you how to analyze the Google space so that you can get a better understanding of your Google apps taking up your space.

To take a look at how much space is taken by your Google apps individually, you can use the Google One application. On the homepage of Google One, Click on the Storage option, and your storage distribution will be displayed.

You can analyze which application has taken more space and act accordingly. Moving forward to the solutions of the Google account storage limitation 2021.

Clear Drive Hidden Data

Google Drive is the place that stores all your documents and other files. You can visit Google Drive Home through the Google apps to view all your files. First of all, if you find any unnecessary files, delete them from the Drove. Additionally, your added Google apps contain some hidden app data that takes up the cloud storage space. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the hidden app data.

  1. Go to the Google Drive Home screen from Google Apps.
  2. Click on the Settings Gear icon, and under that, choose Settings.
  3. setting icon
  4. In the Settings tab, select the Manage Apps option.
  5. manage app
  6. After that, click on the drop-down options in front of the apps and click on Delete Hidden app data.
  7. delete hidden data app
  8. Once you are done, go to the Trash folder and remove all the items from there.

Through the above steps, all your hidden app data that would be taking up the cloud storage space would be removed. It will clear up the storage of your Google account and help you to counter the Google account storage limitation 2021.

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Changing the Photo Storage Resolution

As per the new Google Storage policy, the Google Photos account storage limit has been compromised. Hence, you can no longer add your Photos without consuming the storage space. Unless you are using a Pixel 1-5 or uploading high-quality photos.

You can change the settings of the Google Photos app to help you free up space. Moreover, the photos you add further will no longer take up space. For this, you need to go to the Settings page of Google Photos and choose the High-Quality option. You will be asked for confirmation, and that is all. Your Google photos will be stored as high quality, and no further storage space would be taken. It will help you to manage the Google account storage limitation 2021 by freeing up the space taken up by the photos.

Remove Big and Unnecessary Email Attachments

The attached files with the emails take up huge space on the Google storage. Furthermore, they are mostly the files that we no longer need and are unnecessary. You can delete these attachments that take up the extra space, especially the large ones.

You can utilize the Google filters in the search bar to help you refine your search and easily find large-sized attachments files and emails. The “has: attachment larger:10MB” filter will assist you to find all the emails having attachments larger than 10MB size.

Delete these emails at once or by choosing them manually. Also, remove them from the Trash/Bin folder to empty the space that they were using. Deleting all these emails will serve as the Gmail storage full solution and free up the cloud.

Google One Plans

Users already taking the benefit of the Google One program do not need to worry about the Google account storage limitation 2021. Google has offered new and budget plans for the Indian market to help the users get over the storage limitations.

It offers additional space at a very reasonable price, and you can handle issues like video storage full on Gmail, email transmission, etc. You always have an option to subscribe to Google One and keep your high-quality data.

All the above solutions and tips can help you to ease out your Google account storage limitation 2021 by creating some free space. There are some more manual methods that you can perform, like migrating data from one Gmail account to another. Moreover, you can archive the Gmail emails to free up space on your Google accounts.


The Google account storage limitation 2021 is a matter of concern for active Google users. They have to manage their cloud storage accordingly so that their services are not affected. Through this blog, you will know the problems and the solutions of the Google account storage limitation. Follow the solutions accurately and free up your server space. Thank you for reading the blog. I hope it will help you to manage your Google Storage issues.

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