Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool ScanPST Not Responding

User Query– For the past few days, I am having some severe problems with my 2021 version of MS Outlook. I was supposed to try the SCAN.PST as an in-built tool of Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool. This Outlook software is a free and efficient wizard that helps to repair your corrupted or damaged PST Files. However, When I opened it, my troubles increased. So let me know about the solution for ScanPST not responding.

Through this query, you can straightforwardly understand the entire blog. Every user faces an error that ScanPST freezes during repair on their local system. Here, you can find a solution to fix such an error. Moreover, you can also go with Sysinfo PST File Recovery Tool to repair corrupted or damaged PST files of MS Outlook.


Why is MS Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Working?

Before moving further, we must know about some causes of this error. Let’s discuss them.

  • If you have an incomplete installation of the in-built tool of MS Outlook and have some subfiles are also missing.
  • Make sure to use the same version of Microsoft Outlook and the ScanPST tool.
  • If PST files have severe damage, it leads to the inbox repair tool not responding.
  • When your PST file is oversized, it also causes it to stop working of ScanPST.

Here, you have seen some causes which lead to ScanPST freezes during the repair process. Furthermore, we will discuss a few solutions to fix the issue.

Numerous Ways to Fix ScanPST Not Responding

In this division, we will examine several procedures for the Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool. Let’s go with them in detail.

  1. Update the In-built tool or ScanPST.
  2. Reinstall MS Outlook Application
  3. Verify the size of the MS Outlook PST file.
  4. In case what to do when scan.pst does not work?

Solution 1: Update the In-built tool or ScanPST

Make sure to update all applications, including all items of MS Outlook. Outlook has an in-built tool, ScanPST.You don’t need to update the in-built tool independently. You can simply update Microsoft Outlook Application.

In this way, you can effortlessly fix the error of ScanPST not responding. Additionally, we will go in numerous ways also.

Solution 2: Reinstall MS Outlook Application

While updating MS Outlook does not fix the issue, you can opt for another solution to resolve the problem of ScanPST freezes during repair. Users can reinstall their MS Outlook Application.

Furthermore, if this solution does not work, you can go with a few other ways.

Solution 3: Verify the Size of the MS Outlook PST file

If you are still facing problems with the Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe, you must consider other aspects. If you are using an earlier version of MS Outlook, check the size of Outlook PST Files.

  1. First, Open MS Outlook > File tab > Info.
  2. After that, hit on Account Settings > Files.
  3. Select the PST file that you want to compress.
  4. Then, choose Settings > General Tab.
  5. In the end, hit on Compact Now button.

To resolve the ScanPST not responding error, you can also go for the automated solution which is third-party software. Let’s discuss it in the next method.

Solution 4: Professional Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Without Using ScanPST

Sysinfo PST File Recovery software is a comprehensive and risk-free key that helps users to rescue data from corrupt or damaged Outlook PST files. It is free software that assists in recovering MS Outlook mailbox items such as Calendars, Contacts, Emails, Tasks, and many more from corrupted or damaged PST files.

Working of the Software:

Let’s perform the steps of the wizard to resolve the problem of ScanPST not responding.

  1. First, run the tool as an Administrator on your local system.
  2. Hit on the Open button to add your damaged or corrupted PST Files.ScanPST Not Responding
  3. You can select other features in this utility for your chosen Corrupted or damaged PST files as per your requirements.Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool
  4. Hit on the OK button to continue the scanning process.ScanPST Not Responding
  5. After that, you can preview your recoverable files of PST.ScanPST Not Responding
  6. In the end, download the report of your resultant file.


Here, we conclude this guide. You can check any methods to fix the error of ScanPST not responding. Just choose that method where you feel easy to perform it. Usually, the Inbox Repair Tool No Responds when you are repairing a Large PST File. Therefore, an automated tool can be the best option to deal with such issues. You can also read another blog to resolve the Microsoft Outlook keeps freezing error.

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