How to Resolve SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed Error

When your business expands, undoubtedly, your list of employees will also expand. Then in this situation, you also need to secure their database information. However, there are times when this data exceeds the limit and your database displays the error “SQLite database disk image is malformed.” Therefore, in this instance, you must address this bug as soon as possible.

Here, we will focus on manual methods and the automated Sysinfo SQLite Database Recovery Tool to fix corrupt SQLite databases. Before we proceed to troubleshoot the error, let’s first learn what SQLite is and why this error occurred.


Why did a Database Disk Image Malformed error happen?

SQLite is an in-process library that implements a serverless, transactional SQL database engine with zero configuration. It is a zero-configuration database, which means that, like other databases, you do not need to configure it in your system.

Unlike other databases, the SQLite engine can be dynamically or statically linked with your application depending on your requirements. SQLite directly accesses its storage files. It is an open-source document that enables users to make changes to it. So, sometimes, you may face the problem of an SQLite database disk image is malformed.

And there are several reasons for your data corruption, including:

  • Data may become inaccessible if SQLite data files are corrupted.
  • Whenever a non-SQLite file is forcibly opened in an SQLite database.
  • creating a backup of an active database file.
  • Damaged SQL files could result in corruption and error.
  • When databases go over their designated storage limit.
  • Your SQL database protection may have been disabled during configuration.
  • when a disc drive or flash drive becomes corrupt, creating a corrupted SQLite database.

These are a few of the causes of SQLite database corruption. Now employ manual methods to fix this bug. Also, you can get the best solution by reading this blog to recover suspect database in SQL Server.

Method to Troubleshoot “SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed” Error

Data should be backed up if you want to recover it. If you regularly back up your data, it will be useful to you in an emergency. To restore your data, follow the steps to SQLite Repair Malformed Database. This method typically involves two steps.

Step 1: Export Database Files

To export database files, follow the steps as instructed.

1. Launch the database browser for SQLite.

2. Run the database check command after that, then click Execute SQL.

3. In the next step, type PRAGMA Integrity in the given fields, then clicks Play.

Note: If your SQLite is healthy, this command will display “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check (tool 0ms)”, and if it is damaged, it will display the same error.

4. If the malformed SQLite database disc image error reappears, you will need to export your database into a SQL file.

Note: Select File > Export > Database to a SQL file in order to export databases.

5.  In the subsequent wizard, the Export SQL dialog box appears.

6.  Then select the objects from the dialog box that you wish to export and specify the other options too.

7. Click OK to start exporting the SQL database

Step 2: Import the exported database file to the SQLite DB Browser.

Once you are successful in exporting the database file, prevent your SQL data. The next step involves importing it back. Take the steps to accomplish this.

1. Open the DB browser and go to the File tab.

2. Then select Import > Database from SQL File.

3. Now, the browser will start importing the data back to SQLite.

But what if, if you fail in the aforementioned method? We have found that in order to use this method, you must have the necessary technical knowledge. Then you can easily resolve the SQLite database disk image is malformed error. In this case, you need an expert solution. Let’s have a quick look at utility.

An Approach to Fix Corrupt SQLite Databases with an Automated Tool

The Sysinfo SQLite Database Recovery Tool is one of the prominent utilities that offers you an advanced solution to fix corrupted SQL database files. Whether these were created by SQLite2 or SQLite3, it restores them to new MDB files. This tool is highly efficient at restoring all the database objects from the damaged SQLite database files, including tables, indexes, views, and triggers. It is also very proficient at automatically detecting the file information of the added SQLite databases. To run this tool, follow the instructions.

Steps for SQLite Corrupt Database Recovery

1. Start the software as an administrator.

2. Click on the Open button to browse the SQL database files.

SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

3. After browsing, add these files to the software.

4. After adding the file, the utility will scan it based on the file version, page size, and data storage format.

SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

5. Next, choose the folder you want to save from the tree structure.

6. You can also make changes in the added file by selecting the Map Column button.

SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

7. Click the Save button after making your adjustments.

8. The following wizard from the tool gives you two options for saving the file.

fix corrupt SQLite database

9. Choose any choice to save it, then tap OK to complete the restoration process.

By taking the preceding actions, you are able to fix the corrupt SQLite database.


In this write-up, we have covered the methods to fix the SQLite database disk image malformed error. Although doing it manually is an option, it takes a lot of technical knowledge and reliability. As a result, we suggest using a specialized tool to fix the bug and safeguard your data.


Q1. How do I fix the error database disk image is malformed?

A1. To resolve this error, use the SQLite Database Recovery software and adhere to the steps listed below.

  • Download the utility, and add the corrupted files.
  • After adding the files, the utility itself scans the files.
  • Next, select the files that you wish to repair, and tap the save button.
  • Then select the saving option from the software and click OK.

Q2. How to fix corrupt SQLite database?

A2. Follow the steps to repair the corrupted SQLite database.

  • Make a copy of the database.
  • SQLite to check, export, and create a database.
  • Give commands to SQLite.
  • Export data to an SQL file.
  • Create a new database.

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