What to do if SQLite Error Database is Locked?

When performing transactions with SQLite Database, there is a situation where the user encounters an “SQLite error Database is locked code 5” problem. This also causes the database to get lock. In this blog, we’re focusing on this error and providing you with the best way to get out of that state.

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First of all, you should know all the factors that are responsible for generating this error. 

“SQLite Error Database is locked” Factors

  1. Normally, this error code occurs when an SQLite user attempts to perform two unauthorized transactions or operations on the same data connection and the same other server details.
  2. An NFS locking problem generates SQLite locked error.
  3. While attempting to create or drop a list, a Select Thread appears on the table.
  4. The error message indicates that a similar operation can not be performed by using the same database connection or a different link to the database using a shared cache, as there is a transaction event.
  5. Because SQLite is a lightweight database, a higher level of competition can not be managed. While attempting to do two Select operations in a multithreaded program simultaneously on a table.

How to solve General error 5 database is locked manually?

There are many manual methods as mention below:

  • Backup Copy

Locked error is one of the easy ways to solve the SQLite error Database is locked code 5 issue by creating a backup database with no locks on it. After doing so, you can replace the original database with its backed-up copy. To do the same thing, you can go through the scripts below:

$Sqlite3 .x.Sqlite

Sqlite> .backup main backup.Sqlite

Sqlite> .exit

.x. Sqlite means as a database file for SQLite.

As a backup, you’ll have a backup folder called. In the same window, SQLite. Now replace the old database file with the new backup file copy of the SQLite database. Since the backup file has no keys, code 5 will not be included in the database of SQLite mistake.

$mv .db.Sqlite old.Sqlite

$mv backup.Sqlite .db.Sqlite

When the above script has been successfully end, you can use the full access to your database to ensure that read and write operations can be performed on the database, after which you can uninstall the old SQLite database folder.

  • Increase Time 

If a process takes too long, other threads will be delay by access to the database. In the worst-case scenario, several threads may come up while waiting for each other to get complete. To remove this problem, SQLite has a lock timeout. If a thread will occur more than the default time (5 seconds) waiting for a click, the loop will stop and we face SQLite error code 5.

So, you can delete this “General error 5 database is locked” error by increasing the default time.

So these are the manual ways for SQLite error Database is locked code 5 problem. But these methods are very difficult to perform and also very complex. You may get confused, so there is another option available. Use a third-party method to correct this error quickly. It is recommend to use the SQLite Database Repair tool to solve this problem easily without making any extra effort. During the process, this tool ensures no data loss and delivers better outcomes than manual methods.


Error code 5: Database is locked, which is often met by many users of the SQLite database. This blog explained all the manual measures but may result in some mistakes. Therefore, a direct automated way also described avoiding the drawbacks of manual ways.

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