How to Troubleshoot Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06

If you are an Outlook user, you may have encountered an Outlook error code 0x80072f06. If you’re looking for a solution to fix it, this blog will help you in this situation. First, you get to know in detail about this error, after that, what are its reasons and how it can be solved. Follow us till the end of this blog.

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MS Outlook is a commonly used and reliable email client that is used by almost every organization and many people today. It has a few bugs or errors, just like other email clients. One of them is unknown Error 0x80072f06. 

What does Outlook error 0X80072f06 mean?

This error frequently occurs in Outlook OST files, and it happens when Outlook does not synchronize with Exchange Server. Every email client uses a contact list in Outlook, and this contact list refers to the Offline address book (OAB). OAB looks like a GAL (global address list) that is there in the Exchange Server mailbox. The exchange server is containing the user detail contents like names and email addresses used by Outlook. Due to OAB’s presence, Outlook doesn’t have to connect to Exchange Server every time the user sends the mail.

Reasons for Occurrence of Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06

This problem is more prevalent among users who recently migrated to another Exchange Server version. Because of that, users can not access the OAB. OAB is available on the server, but Outlook can’t find it.

Some common reasons behind this error are given below:

  • Incorrect Outlook application installation.
  • Inappropriately updating .oab file
  • System files of Windows get damaged
  • Exchange security certificates issues
  • Incorrectly application deletion
  • Virus Attack

After knowing the reasons for this Outlook error, let’s move forward to know the solutions for it.

How to solve unknown Error 0x80072f06 of Microsoft Outlook?

There are three manual ways to troubleshoot this error as given below:

Method 1: System Restore

Restoring the system to the previous time helps you to remove this error. For restoring, follow the steps below:

  1. Initially, restart the computer system and login as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel >> System and Security from all control panel items.
  3. Then from the left pane, choose the System Protection.
  4. A new box of system properties will appear, choose System Restore under System Protection tab.
  5. Follow the instruction to perform a system restore.

Wait for sometimes to restore the system. Then check for the issue after resetting the system.

Method 2: Remove the Existing OAB file

The error can occur because the OAB file is incorrectly synchronized with Exchange Server. Therefore, removing the existing OAB file can solve it. Follow the below steps:

  • Updating OAB

Manually update the OAB by following steps as mentioned below:

Navigate Tools >> Send/Receive >> Download Address Book in Outlook 2007 and earlier.

Navigate Send/ Receive tab >> Send/ Receive Groups >> Download Address Book in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 Outlook.

  • Delete/Rename OAB

A second way to ensure you get a fresh copy of the OAB file is by renaming the OAB files at the end of the name with the .old extension. Follow the steps below:

  • Browse the location of OAB files.
  • An available path for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 given below:


  • The Offline Address Book folder includes multiple subfolders named after the GUIDs account. If you have many Exchange, configured accounts, you can find a separate folder for each account. A simple way to rename the Offline Address Book Folder is by adding the extension behind the name to .old.
  • Then click on the Update Folder tab to Update the folder.

Notice: For Outlook 2007 or earlier versions, you might have to rename the individual OAB files. There are six OBA files that you may find:

  1. uanrdex.oab
  2. ubrowse.oab
  3. udetails.oab
  4. updndex.oab
  5. urdndex.oab
  6. Utmplsts.oab

A manual update is triggered within the Outlook after deleting these files. These manual approaches will solve the Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 quickly, but this process takes much time to execute. So, it is good to opt for a direct method.

Method 3: A Professional Method

To solve Outlook error 0X80072f06 quickly without any data loss, use OST to PST Converter utility. This tool helps in solving the corruption issues with Outlook OST files that generate these types of errors. Also, it maintains data integrity during the processing of the software.


We have explained the error 0x80072f06 in detail with the reasons for its occurrence. Also, we have provided all manual tricks and direct ways that help in fixing this error quickly. We hope you will get the problem solved with the help of this blog.

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