Outlook Encrypted Connection is Not Available – How to Resolve

Encryption Connection is a well-known procedure for securing data while migrating between servers and devices through the Internet or another similar communication path. Moreover, every user must protect their data while putting passwords. Usually, Outlook encrypted connection not available error arises when your Outlook is not connected with the server. In other words, the communication between your Outlook application and the email server is not encrypted. The following are the reasons why this issue is caused.

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  • Server Configuration: The email server you’re using may not support secured connections or may not have the proper settings enabled to establish an encrypted connection.
  • Network Issue: There might be an issue with your network connection, such as a firewall or proxy server, which prevents the encryption from being established.
  • Incorrect Outlook Settings: Your Outlook client may not be synced to use an encrypted connection by default, and you need to change the settings to enable encryption.

Here are some possible reasons of occurring such a problem. Now, we will discuss various solutions to solve this error.

How to Resolve The Outlook Encrypted Connection Not Available Issue?

We have multiple troubleshooting ways to fix such a problem. Follow the below procedures to get your answer.

  • Opt for Auto-discover Again
  • Make sure that your Desktop is synced with the Exchange Server.
  • Check Server Settings
  • Don’t Create a Permanent Proxy
  • Troubleshoot Network Issues
  • Update Outlook Settings

Now, we will elaborate on each solution in detail. Just put your complete focus on understanding each procedure.

Method 1: Opt For Auto-discover Again

  • First, launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your local system.
  • After that, hold down the CTRL key to make you on the right-click Outlook icon in a notification area. Now, choose Test E-mail AutoConfiguration.
    outlook encrypted connection not available
  • Moving further, double-click the correct email address had been mentioned in the Email Address segment.
  • Then, input your password to login into your domain or access other’s mailboxes.
  • Make sure to deselect the check boxes for Use Guessmart and Secure Guessmart Authentication.
    outlook encrypted connection not available
  • Afterward, click the Test button.
    outlook encrypted connection not available
  • In the end, review the data on a Log tab.

This solution will help you to fix an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.

Method 2: Make Sure That Your Desktop is Synced With The Exchange Server

  • First, navigate to Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyser. Then, accomplish a test.
  • Visit the website of Test Exchange Connectivity and then move to the Exchange Server tab.
  • From the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests, choose the Outlook Autodiscover option.

From the above procedure, you can see Microsoft Exchange.

Method 3: Check Server Settings

Verify if the email server you’re using supports encrypted connections. You can consult the email provider or IT department for assistance.

Method 4: Don’t Create a Permanent Proxy

  • First, open a Command Prompt application to run a command.
  • After that, right-click the CMD application and choose Run as administrator.
  • Then mention the targeted command and hit the Enter button.

netsh winhttp show proxy

  • If you see a notification that highlights, you are utilizing a proxy server, go with the CMD.

netsh winhttp reset proxy

Method 5: Troubleshoot Network Issues

If you are facing network-related problems, you can try connecting to a different network or contact your network administrator to check if any network restrictions are preventing the encrypted connection.

Method 6: Update Outlook Settings

Go to your Outlook account settings and ensure you have selected the option to use encrypted connections, such as SSL or TLS) for both incoming and outgoing email servers. By following these steps, you can increase the security of your email communication by enabling encryption and protecting your sensitive information. Here are some troubleshooting solutions to fix the error of Outlook Encrypted Connection not available. Moreover, there is a highly prone to corruption while following the above processes. If you want to recover inaccessibility from your PST files, opt for the Sysinfo PST File Recovery Software. It will repair damaged Outlook files with the maximum possibility.

Time to Sum Up!

Now, the time has come to finalize everything discussed in this technical guide. We have gone through several stages. First, we gave you a brief introduction to encryption connection. After that, we mentioned numerous ways to resolve the problem of Outlook Encrypted Connection not available. You can check them out and make sure to opt for the best solution. Also, you can read another blog to fix the Outlook shared mailbox Not updating automatically.

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