Fixing Microsoft Outlook When it Gets Stuck on Loading Profile

Nowadays, users report various issues regarding Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile. It simply signifies that whenever you have opened MS Outlook does not open, or it gets frozen. If you are facing this issue, do not worry! We are here to provide all the troubleshooting solutions to resolve the Outlook can not load profile. But before jumping towards the methods, we will mention the reasons for causing a problem.

  • Defects in Microsoft Outlook add-ins
  • The navigation pane issues
  • Corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file
  • Other processes are running in the background
  • You have opened the Outlook application in the compatible mode.

We will discuss several procedures to fix the Outlook hangs on loading profile error.

How to Resolve the Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile Issue?

We have numerous ways to sort out the Outlook hangs on loading profile problem. You just need to read the whole blog to get your answer.

  1. Run your Outlook Application as an Administrator
  2. Disable the Outlook Presence Options
  3. Use MS Outlook in Airplane Mode
  4. Turn-off Outlook Add-ins
  5. End Task Manager Procedure
  6. Reset Navigation Pane in Microsoft Outlook
  7. Run Outlook in Safe Mode
  8. Disconnect Internet Connection
  9. Disable the Compatibility Mode in MS Outlook
  10. Turn off the Hardware Acceleration

Here, we have given you an overview of all the possible solutions to fix Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile error.

Method 1: Run Your Outlook Application As An Administrator

1. First, hold down Window+S to find the Outlook application.

2. After that, right-click on Outlook and click Run as administrator.

3. Lastly, click the Yes button to run Outlook as an administrator.

You can go through the above method to resolve the Outlook stuck at loading profile problem.

Method 2: Disable The Outlook Presence Options

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application on your local screen.

2. Then, go to the File tab > Options button in the left sidebar.

3. After that, choose People from the left bar > Online status and photographs option.

  • Display online status next to name
  • Show user photographs when available (requires restarting Outlook)

4. Finally, click the OK button and open the Outlook application again.

The above solution will help you to fix the Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile issue.

Method 3: Use MS Outlook in Airplane Mode

1. Click on the notifications section at the bottom-right corner of your local screen.

2. Choose the Airplane Mode option.

3. Open the Outlook application on your local system.

By running MS Outlook in Airplane Mode, it will help to resolve the Outlook cannot load profile problem.

Method 4: Turn Off Outlook Add-ins

1. Navigate to the File tab > Options.

2. After that, click on the Add-ins option.

3. Then, click the Go button.

4. Uncheck all add-ins and click on the OK button.

5. Wait until the process is complete, and open the Microsoft Outlook application again.

Method 5: End Task Manager Procedure

1. Launch Task Manager in the search bar.

2. Afterwards, move to the processes and highlight all the office processes.

3. Then, click the End Task option.

The above solution will assist users in fixing the issue of Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile.

Method 6: Reset Navigation Pane in Microsoft Outlook

1. Ensure to close the Outlook application.

2. Further, hold down the Window+R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.

3. Then, mention the Outlook.exe /resetnavpane command > Ok button.

Method 7: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Follow the below steps to run your Outlook application in safe mode.

1. Close your MS Outlook application on your local machine.

2. Press Windows+R together to open the Run dialog box.

3. Then, mention Outlook.exe /safe > OK button.

4. Now, choose Profile > OK button.

Method 8: Disconnect the Internet Connection

Here, we will disconnect the internet through Wifi and LAN.

Through Wi-Fi

1. Go to the Windows icon and move to the gear icon (Settings).

2. Then, click the Network and Internet option.

3. Now, choose Wi-Fi.

4. In the end, disable the Wi-Fi connection.

Through LAN Connection

6. First, hold Window+R to launch the Run command box and write Control.

7. After that, from the Control Panel, click the Network and Sharing Center.

8. Then, click on the Change adapter options in the Right pane.

9. Here, right-click the Ethernet settings.

10. Lastly, click the Disable option.

Method 9: Disable the Compatibility Mode in MS Outlook

1. Go to your desktop screen, and right-click on your Outlook icon.

2. Now, go to the Properties option.

3. Then, click on the Compatibility button.

4. Finally, untick Run this program in compatibility mode > OK button.

When you disable the Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Outlook, it will aid in resolving the Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile problem.

Method 10: Turn Off the Hardware Acceleration

1. First, hold down the Win+R to launch the Run command box.

2. Now, write /safe > OK button.

3. Then, go to the File tab > Options button.

4. Under the Options window, click on the Advanced button.

5. Moving ahead, search for the Disable hardware graphic acceleration > OK button.

6. Lastly, exit the Outlook application and open MS Outlook without safe mode.

We have mentioned all the possible troubleshooting methods to fix the error of Outlook hangs on loading profile. If the above procedure does not resolve this issue, it simply indicates that your PST file is severely damaged. If you want to repair Outlook PST files, you can opt for the Sysinfo PST File Recovery Tool. It will help to recover the maximum possible corruption from Outlook PST files.

Final Words

Now, we will conclude our whole guide and hope you got your answer. We have gone through the brief introduction about the error. After that, we mentioned the reasons behind Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile. Then, we discussed possible ways to fix such an error. You can check them out. In the end, it is up to you to choose the procedure but make sure to select wisely. Moreover, you can check out another blog on how to stop emails from going to junk.

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