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Are you looking for free software to open msg files? So that you can preview and read your MSG files without Outlook. If it is, Then stay connected with this informative blog. Here, you can learn about the top 5 freeware to open MSG files without using Outlook. As we know, MS Outlook is a cloud-based email client and developed by Microsoft. It gives users different functions such as managing user’s contact, task management, calendaring, managing the attachments of emails, mailbox management, folders management, etc. Moreover, it is mainly used for transferring and receiving emails between two clients and store the data of emails in .msg files.

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MSG file is such a file that saves the file in the .msg extension. It is a type of file format used for storing a specific message object like an email, an attachment, a single task, contacts, etc. In a file. Any other attachments and objects present in the emails are also present on the MSG files.

But sometimes, there are cases in which users do not have Outlook or any other apps to view and read the MSG files. So to overcome these accessing problems of MSG files, Let us learn about the best top five free software to open msg files. Before going on with them, understand why we need an MSG viewer.

Why Do We Need a Free MSG File Viewer?

Given below are the different needs users get while using the msg file viewer online:

  • To Exclude all MSG viewing problems.
  • For the previewing bulk no of MSG files.
  • To read and efficiently analyze MSG files.
  • Provide an option to view encrypted or password-protected MSG files.
  • For viewing date and time details of MSG email messages.

These are the various needs of using the free MSG Viewer freeware. Now, learn the best five top-notch software using which you can open, read, scan, and preview the Outlook MSG files.

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List Of Top 5 Best Free Software To Open MSG Files

Let’s learn about the different software that helps users to open, read, scan, and preview the Outlook MSG files. You can choose any of one as per your choice all of this software is best for viewing the MSG file. Moreover, these tools contain interactive and intuitive Graphical User Interface.

  1. Sysinfo MSG Viewer
  2. Aryson MSG Viewer
  3. Systools MSG Viewer Freeware
  4. FreeViewer MSG File Viewer Tool
  5. Trugs Free MSG Viewer – Open MSG Files

Sysinfo MSG Viewer

Sysinfo MSG Viewer is a prominent software to read and view data of MSG files. This tool also enables users to save the MSG file data into the PDF format, which you can open later using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any web browser. It consists of a lot of salient features that make the working process much easier. Additionally, it is designed with a highly advanced algorithm for providing viewers of MSG files an interactive GUI. Here are some essential features of Sysinfo MSG Viewer:

  1. Option to Open, view, and analyze the Outlook and Exchange Server MSG files.
  2. Import MSG files to PDF file format makes it more portable.
  3. There is no need for Outlook or Exchange Server install on the system.
  4. Offer an option to read meta-info like sender, recipient, subject, date, the message body of the selected MSG files.
  5. It is a specific utility to analyze the Exchange MSG File.

Aryson MSG Viewer

Aryson MSG file Viewer Online is a free software to open MSG files and, used to open and read the MSG file of Microsoft Outlook 2019 and all its earlier versions. It allows users to save the MSG file in multiple file formats. So, the users can preview and open them easily. This software can enable users to convert the MSG file into various file formats that can open on the Windows system. Moreover, it is full of intuitive features that make the user working easy and convenient such as date range, naming convention, custom folder name, etc.

  • Enables users to analyze the MSG file in depth.
  • There is no file-size limitation on MSG file size to preview their data content.
  • To read and open the MSG files. There is no need for an MS Outlook email client.
  • Date range features to separate the MSG files in a specific date range.
  • Widely compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Systools MSG Viewer Freeware

Systools Free MSG File Viewer Software includes features to browse, view, open, and analyze Outlook MSG files without the installation and configuration of the Outlook email client. There are no compatibility issues associated with the utility as one can preview and read MSG files irrespective of the Outlook and Windows OS versions. Moreover, it provides users an interactive and intuitive GUI. So that the novice and non-technical users can easily view, browse and open the MSG files. Now, let us know some crucial features of the Systools MSG Viewer Freeware:

  1. Allows users to browse and preview the MSG files data and their attachments.
  2. Users can view the MSG files using Hex View, MIME View, RTF View, etc.
  3. There is no need for any dependencies of email clients for viewing the MSG files.
  4. MSG Viewer Online can also maintain the folder hierarchy of the selected MSG files.
  5. It Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, etc.

FreeViewer MSG File Viewer Tool

FreeViewer MSG Viewer is a reliable and efficient professional software that allows users to manage and excess Outlook MSG files effectively and smartly. With the help of the MSG file Viewer freeware tool, one can perform various functions like browse, read and view the MSG files. Additionally, it is a 100% secure and standalone utility, and it is capable of reading and examining MSG files without installing Outlook and Exchange Server. Check out some prominent features of the FreeViewer MSG File Viewer Tool.

  1. It completely browses and previews MSG files and includes their attachments.
  2. Allows users to perform the depth analysis of Outlook MSG files.
  3. Options to view the Outlook MSG files in multiple modes for accessing the email data.
  4. It is equipped with a feature that allows users to preview and open MSG files without installing Outlook and Exchange Server.
  5. Offer an interactive and intuitive user-friendly interface to view and read the MSG files.

Trugs Free MSG Viewer – Open MSG Files

Trugs Free MSG Viewer Tool is free software to open MSG files without MSG Outlook and Exchange server. It allows you to read, analyze, view, and open MSG files free of cost. Users have to only download and install the free MSG files viewer in the system and, after that, they can easily preview and read all the content present on the specific MSG file. Along with this, it enables users to open MSG files in a batch on a single interface. Given below are some essential features of the software:

  1. Option to preview and read and open Outlook MSG files with free MSG viewer freeware.
  2. Offer features to preview MSG files with all the suitable modes such as HTML, HEX, MIME, etc.
  3. Trugs Free MSG Viewer enables users to read content and data without Outlook.
  4. Users can load, browse, view, and read the Multiple MSG files at a single time using Dual Selection Mode.
  5. Support all the major versions of the Windows operating system and server systems.


These are the best five MSG Viewer free software to open msg files without any email clients. Softwares contain the features to browse, open, analyze, view, read, and preview the Outlook and Exchange Server MSG files. Moreover, you can choose any of one software as per your requirements. So that by opting for any tool, you can easily open and read your MSG files.

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