Today in this technical guide, we’ll discuss the ways by which one can be able to Read PST File Without Outlook. Before we get to know the reasons, let’s know about what Outlook is and why we need to open the Outlook PST file without using Outlook.

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MS Outlook is a most demanding desktop email client that allows the user to manage several email account through the single Outlook panel. In case when you are not using the exchange server the MS Outlook stores the whole of the user data like the emails, attachments, tasks, to-do, etc in the PST file format. But the problem is that one can open the PST files only in the Outlook Application hence it is not impossible to open the PST files without Outlook. Hence in this guide, I will tell you about the top 5 methods to view the PST files without the use of the Outlook application.

How to Read PST File without Outlook?

To open and view PST File Without Outlook, Follow All the 5 techniques given below without skipping any step:

Transfer Your Emails in the TXT File Format

The very first step you need to follow is to transfer your Emails that are in the PST file format to the TXT file format. As the user can easily open and close the TXT file content of the PST file without the help of Outlook Application by simply converting the emails in the PST file format into the TXT file format. To perform that task, initially select the required email and then right-click on that file. After that, move to Save As option from the select file type as, and then save your file in the TXT file format.

Convert Your Emails in the MSG File Format

Sometimes the user doesn’t want to convert their PST files into the TXT file format then they can opt for the MSG file format. As this is one of the easiest and the most useful method by which one can view the PST file without the installation of the Outlook Application. To convert your PST file in the MSG file format, you just need to drag and drop the desired email to your desktop and any other location you want to save.

Now, using the Edit Plus Application anyone can open the MSG file this makes PST file open without the use of the Outlook Application. You just need to open the Edit Plus and see what’s inside your PST Emails.

Convert Your Mails In The HTML File Format

HTML files are the most usable files to read the web contents through the web browser. One can easily read the HTML files through any web browser. To View a PST File Without Outlook then they can convert their Outlook PST files into the HTML file format and then read the PST content without any problem. To convert your PST files into the HTML file format initially, click on the desired file and then on the Save as an option. After that, select the HTML as the Save as type.

Transfer all your Outlook PST Files into the Gmail Account

To read the PST Files without the help of the Outlook Application, the transferring of that files into the Gmail account is one of the wise options to do. As one can easily import the PST files in Gmail to open and view the content of the emails in the PST file format. To convert your Outlook PST files into your Gmail Account use the PST file converter that will help you to easily convert all your PST emails into your Gmail account at once. Also one can use the Google App Migration Tool used to import the PST files in the Gmail Application quickly.

TRY Some Free PST Viewer Application

This is one of the best free methods to open the PST files without using the Outlook Application. Outlook PST Viewer is a completely free utility that can easily open your Outlook PST files without the help of the Outlook Utility.

Final Words

In this technical guide, we have discussed all the possible ways to Read PST File Without Outlook Application. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. In case you will find difficulty in converting the PST files manually, try the Outlook PST Viewer. If you find any problem, feel free to ask any question.


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