Top 5 Method to Read PST File Without Outlook

Summary: In this technical guide, we’ll discuss the different techniques by which one can view and read PST files without Outlook. These all solutions are easy to understand, and procedures are simple to perform. Firstly, let’s know what Outlook is and why we need to Read PST File Without Outlook.

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MS Outlook is a safe and top-rated email client that allows users to manage several email accounts through a single Outlook panel. It uses a PST file to store the user data like emails, attachments, tasks, contacts, calendars, etc. But the problem is that one can open the PST files only in the Outlook Application. Therefore, to open/view PST files without Outlook is a difficult task. But here, we will learn the procedure to access and open PST files without Outlook Online.

How to Read PST File Without Outlook?

There are multiple techniques to open and view PST file data without MS Outlook. But sometimes, they all are not reliable and efficient to perform. Hence, we made a list of the best free PST viewer utility by which one can easily view the PST file data.

Technique 1: Using SysInfo Free MS Outlook PST Viewer

SysInfo Free PST file Viewer is the safest and best utility that provides users an option to open, read, and view their PST files without MS Outlook. It is free and compatible with all types of Outlook data files like ANSI and Unicode. This best free PST viewer
is highly efficient to make the corrupt PST files open without having a Microsoft Outlook email client.

Steps to Open PST file without Outlook Online

  • Download and Run the SysInfoTools PST File Viewer program.
  • 1-5-1.png
  • Select the Outlook PST file from the system to open.
  • 2-5-1.png
  • Choose the recovery modes as per the PST File corruption.
  • Enter PST file details as per need.
  • After selecting recovery modes, the scanning process will start.
  • 3-8-1.png
  • Finally, you can view all the PST emails in the software itself.

Some Prominent Key Features of the Software

  1. It allows users to open, view, or read PST files without Outlook.
  2. Best and reliable app to open corrupt Outlook data files (ANSI & Unicode).
  3. Offer feature to view emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks and journal entries, etc.
  4. Facility to display the PST file information like version, file type, etc.
  5. It displays folders in an original hierarchy structure form.
  6. Compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Technique 2: Open PST File Using Google GAMMO Tool

Google GAMMO Tool is an efficient utility to read PST File Without Outlook, It is a free service provider managed by Google and provides a feature to migrate items within the PST into Gmail, and by this, users can also view PST files with ease.

The software is competent enough to import mail, calendars, and contacts into Google mail. Additionally, it also contains an option to migrate PST items in bulk only by the requirement of the Administrators option. You will have to enter Google account credentials to access this tool. The only drawback of this utility is it will migrate emails into Gmail.

  • Select the location of your PST files, and opt with options like Migrate all data or Migrate only new data.
  • Once you select the location to save the resultant file, you will have to choose the data you wish to migrate like calendar, contacts, or email messages. Here, you can also get the option to assign a specific date range to migrate emails. Finally, click on the Migrate button to start the conversion.

Technique 3: Convert PST File Into TXT to View data

TXT is a type of document format that can be easily opened and closed on any text editor, notepad, notepad++, and others. Also, there is not any requirement to install the Outlook application. Follow the below steps to convert PST files into TXT format:

  • Open Outlook and select mails from the mailbox that you want to convert into TXT format.
  • After selecting the required files, click on the File button.
  • From the left panel, click on the Save As button.
  • In the opening tab, opt with TXT from the Save As type list and assign the destination path.
  • Finally, click on the Save button to start the conversion of PST into TXT format.

Technique 4: Convert PST into HTML File Format

HTML files are the most usable files to read the web contents through the web browser. One can easily read the HTML files through any web browser. Therefore, to convert PST files into the HTML file format initially, perform the mentioned steps:

  1. Start MS Outlook on your browser and select email messages from the inbox folder to convert.
  2. Now, click on the File and opt with Save As option.
  3. On the appear wizard, choose the HTML as a saving option from the drop-down of Save as type.
  4. Assign a name to the new resultant HTML file and locate the saving location also.
  5. Click on the Save button. Finally, you can view your PST file data without Outlook.
  6. ave.gif

Technique 5: Convert PST File to MSG File Format

It is one of the other methods by which you can read PST File Without Outlook. To-do-so, you have to drag and drop the mail that you want to convert to the desktop.

Now, you can easily view the content of PST files in MSG file format, and you can also use it for other MSG-compatible applications.


Through this blog, we learned some tricky techniques to read PST File Without Outlook environment. I hope this is helpful and simple for you. Additionally, if you want more explanation regarding any of the techniques explained above, feel free to comment here.

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