How to Import Thunderbird Mail to Mac Mail

The latest Thunderbird Email client update has left most users disappointed and unhappy. As it has lots of bugs which affects so many users’ work. Therefore, they all are trying to shift over to other best email clients. Nowadays, Mac Mail is the first option counted in top mail clients. So, through this blog, we are explaining some of the methods to import Thunderbird Mail to Mac Mail easily. If you are one of them looking for solutions then most welcome. Kindly read this blog thoroughly till the end.

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Moving from one email client to another is not a simple task. There are a lot of things to be managed. All the data from one client to another has to be shifted completely. As you know that data is the main important key element. There should be no data loss or any other issues during the transfer process. So, for this, you have to follow one by one step thoroughly. Therefore, we are discussing some manual methods with you so that you can easily move your data.

Do you know why you should opt for Mac Mail? If not, then here is the answer to this query.

There are some reasons that will explain why one should go for Apple Mail from Thunderbird.

Reasons to Migrate Thunderbird to Mac Mail

Mac Mail, also known as Apple Mail, is a default email client that comes with every Mac OS. It is flexible with many choices and functionality that allow the user to accept this email client. Several of the main features include:

  • You can easily customise Apple Mail toolbar with minimum complexity.
  • It is having a quick feature that helps in viewing the attached images in full screen slideshow.
  • You can mark your important mails using the Flag feature.
  • Allowing parental control supports regulate other people’s response to emails
  • Data detectors help you to identify the email which can be configured.
  • Activate subscription of RSS feeds alerted in the mailbox
  • MobileMe helps synchronize emails and their settings

Now, start with the manual solutions for importing Thunderbird Mail to Apple Mail.

How to manually Import Thunderbird Mail to Mac Mail?

You need to download Import Export Extension on Thunderbird before starting the process. It will make the process quick.

  1. Firstly, download and install the Thunderbird’s Import / Export extension. It will accelerate the cycle of migration.
  2. Visit the Menu Tools > > Import / Export Tools and press Export.
  3. Then pick the folder you would like to export When done, pick the destination you would like to export the files to. The files are also exported to your desktop.
  4. Now, change the exported file to the.mbox extension (right-click gives the info).
  5. You will get the confirmation pop-up from MAC, press Yes to begin the Thunderbird mail import procedure into Mac mail.

Steps for importing the exported file into Mac Mail are given below

  • First, Open Apple Mail application.
  • Visit the File menu and then press Import Mailboxes.
  • You will see a list of file formats, pick Files in MBOX format.
  • Now, all the files get imported to the correct folder at the extreme bottom of the left panel.
  • Then, successfully a folder will be moved according to the preference.

Manual Method Drawbacks

  1. Not viable for all users because of its long and complex steps which make it complicated
  2. Data integrity is not available, which means it does not ensure the folder and files structure.
  3. It takes too long to finish the process.

As you can see manual methods have so many flaws then you can move email to Mac Mail and any other email client using a third-party application. If the extension to import/export tools does not work, then MBOX Converter is the best tool for migrating email clients from MBOX to EMLX files which can be opened in Mac Mail easily. Also, it can also migrate MBOX files into EML, PST, TXT, MSG, PDF, etc. With this utility, you can move your MBOX email into Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, Outlook, Zimbra, etc.


This guide explains reasons and all the methods to import Thunderbird Mail to Mac Mail. Also, you can directly perform the conversion by the given tool if unsatisfied with the manual methods. It’s up to you whichever method you would like to opt. Hope, this guide helps in solving all your queries.

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