Google Drive Files Not Showing Up On PC/Desktop

“I am HR of our company and keep around 11000 documents of employees. Usually, I save entire files in a PDF format on my Google Drive. I am facing a problem in that my Google Drive files are not showing up on my PC. When I open it on the application of G Drive on my desktop, various files are missing. I am so worried because I have to update all data to the boss. Please suggest me quick ways to fix the issue of Google Drive files not showing up.”


From the above user query, it is clear that this blog will go through the various solutions to solve the error of the Google Drive desktop not syncing. But before moving ahead, I will mention some common reasons for causing the error.

Causes Behind Google Drive Files Not Showing Up On PC

There are some possible reasons why your Google Drive desktop not syncing. You can go through them as mentioned below.

  • You have opened your Google Drive in an older version of any browser.
  • Users are facing a poor network connection.
  • Your browser contains heavy cached data.
  • By mistake, you have turned off the offline access.
  • You have a heavy file which leads to hindrances.

I have gone through some common causes of Google Drive lost files. Moving ahead, I will go through the various ways to fix the issue of the Google Drive file missing.

Solutions to Resolve the Error of Google Drive Files Not Showing Up

There are several ways to resolve the error of the Google Drive folder not showing up on desktop.

  1. Configuring is Paused
  2. Reconnect your Google Account
  3. Reopen Google Drive on your PC/Desktop
  4. Download G Drive for your PC/Desktop again
  5. Check out the storage on your Google Account
  6. Users can not access their files
  7. The file you consist of is too small or large

Now I have given you a glimpse of all the solutions for Google Drive files not showing up. Also, I will explain each of them in detail, which will clear your doubts.

Procedure 1: Configuring is Paused

You need to install the Google Drive application on your local system. After that, follow the below steps mentioned below.

  • Open G Drive on your local system.
  • Then move to the Gear icon > Settings > Pause Syncing.
    google drive files not showing up

The above solution can solve the error of Google Drive files not showing up.

Procedure 2: Reconnect Your Google Account

It is another way to fix the issue of Google Drive files not showing up on PC. You just need to follow the below solution to get your answer.

  • Launch G drive > Settings > Preferences.
    google drive files not showing up
  • A new dialog box will open in Google Drive Preferences > select disconnect the desired account > Save button.
    google drive files not showing up

After that, you must reconnect your chosen account after filling all the vital credentials. Ensure to confirm the connection. Your application will begin to configure in a few seconds.

Procedure 3: Reopen Google Drive on Your PC/Desktop

  • Open G Drive once again.
  • Go to Settings > Quit option from the drop-down list.
    google drive files not showing up

It will start working again, and your issue will take some time.

Procedure 4: Download G Drive For Your PC/Desktop Again

If you have stopped the tool updates for this application, G Drive for PC/Desktop will have issues. You can go to the following URL to download the new version of Google Drive –

Click on the Download Drive for Desktop button.

Procedure 5: Check Out the Storage on Your Google Account

Every user knows that Google Drive provides 15 GB of storage space. It consists of Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, and many more. Ensure that if your storage is running out, you need to buy a subscription or change your recent account.

Procedure 6: Users Can Not Access Their Files

When a user tries to configure the files, other individuals do not provide access. It will not sync with your Google Drive. Make sure to check whether another individual who has shared his file has given permission or not.

Procedure 7: The File You Consist of is Too Small or Large

Users face some limitations while using the Cloud platform regarding the size of a file. They are as follows:

  • Your photos must be between 200 Megabytes and 150 Megapixels.
  • When you consist of videos, it should not be larger than 10 Gigabytes.
  • Your files must be 256 x 256 pixels.

Here, I have mentioned various methods to fix the error of Google Drive files not showing up. You can follow any of them. If any way does not solve the error, you can back up all your G Drive data. You can directly opt for the Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator for doing backup. Also, it will help users to download all G Drive data to their local machine. It migrates entire documents and files of Google drive.

Let’s Wrap Up!

I am here, to sum up, all things that have been discussed in the above technical guide. I have mentioned various ways to resolve the error of Google Drive files not showing up. You can opt for any of them where you feel comfortable performing them. Moreover, you can also check another article on how to move files from one Google Drive to another.

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