How to Remove Duplicate Items in IBM Lotus Notes?

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  • Updated on February 24th, 2022

Duplicate items always create troubles for users. Just like an Outlook data file, an NSF database is also immune to duplicity. In an NSF database, a duplicate item can be anything like an email message, contact or task. The duplicate items consume the unnecessary space in NSF database and increase its file size. In this blog post, we’ll learn how to remove duplicate items in IBM Lotus Notes.

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IBM Lotus Notes 

IBM Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is a popular email client provided by IBM. There are a variety of business collaboration functions available in IBM Lotus Notes, such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, etc. Other functions include teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, Micro blogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. It’s commonly used as a desktop workflow application in corporate environments for mailing purpose. Other use of IBM Lotus Notes is to access database, such as document libraries and custom applications.

NSF Database

Every email client uses a particular file format for storing its mailbox content. IBM Lotus Notes creates NSF database file for storing collaborative business information, such as mail and calendar data. NSF means Notes Storage Facility format, and it stores data in document units called “notes”.

Sometimes duplicate items of an email, contact or any other item are created in NSF database. This may cause serious problems for Lotus Notes users. Any duplicate item in the database takes as much space as the original item does. Generally, Lotus Notes users face duplicity of emails and contacts information. The reason for having multiple duplicate items of email is quite simple. We receive thousands of email messages each and every day. Sometimes it may happen that we receive an email message two or multiple times. Also, we receive notifications, promotion news, press-releases, etc. from the websites through email messages. It may happen that a sender is sending the same email message again and again. This will cause duplicity in emails.

Duplicity in Contacts Information

Sometimes duplicate contacts are generated in the address book. And the most common reasons are specified below:

  • If you merge two or more NSF files, i.e. names.nsf, of a single account into a single file, this may cause duplicity in contacts information.
  • If you import the address book of an ex-employee to the address book of another employee working in the same organization, this may create duplicate contacts.
  • Suppose you download a names.nsf file as an attachment in the Lotus Notes account. After some times, if you synchronize that names.nsf file with the contacts which are already present in the address book, chances of having duplicate contact become high.

Just like an Outlook data file (PST), an NSF database file has a specific size limit. The maximum database size limit for all platforms is 64 gigabyte (GB). However, depending on the file system being used, the file system might limit the size of files to a smaller size than 64 GB. If you are having a large number of duplicate items in NSF database, this will let the file size grow more and more. And once it’ll reach to its maximum size or cross it. At that time, the NSF database becomes prone to corruption.

How to Remove Duplicate Items in IBM Lotus Notes?

The best way to get rid of the duplicate items in NSF database is removing every single duplicate item manually. This trick is only successful if you are having a few number of duplicate items as you need to remove them one by one. But in case you are having a large number of duplicate items, it may take several minutes to hours in removing them one by one.

NSF Duplicate Remover – Professional Solution 

If you are looking for an easy, swift and effective way to remove the entire duplicate items from NSF database, you should download NSF Duplicate Remover software. It can successfully remove every single duplicate item from every single folder in the NSF database with no manual effort. Via this software, you can remove the duplicate items from the original NSF database or you can create a new one with no duplicate items. It doesn’t matter what type of user you are, i.e. technical or novice, you can use this software with ease. It doesn’t require any prior technical expertise.

NSF Duplicate Remover Free Demo

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