How to Save Outlook Calendar as PDF file Format?

Are you looking forward to save Outlook calendar as PDF file format? Then read this guide till the end for moving Outlook calendar in PDF format. This help manual explains all the manual steps that need to be taken to perform this operation.

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Today, email has been the most effective medium for interaction activities. Users can interact easily via emails from one location to another. Also most users use email client applications to send email messages, including contacts, tasks, calendars, documents, etc. Among all of this, Outlook is Microsoft’s most prevalent desktop-based email application. But most users are trying to find a way to save Outlook calendar as PDF, since Outlook doesn’t have the same functionality.

Manual Procedure to Save Outlook Calendar to PDF Format

Steps you should follow to convert Outlook Calendar to PDF:

  • First, download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader to see Outlook calendar as PDF.
  • Then choose a particular calendar from the Calendar section on the sidebar of MS Outlook. Hit on File menu.
  • Now, pick Print option to display the calendar
  • Tap the option Printer drop-down list, and then pick Adobe PDF
  • From the Settings tab pick calendar style
  • Press the Print button that will open the saved PDF document from your system.
  • Enter the calendar name after that, and save it as a PDF file.
  • Finally, open the Adobe Acrobat and you can see the PDF file.

Difficulties faced by Users when Save Outlook Calendar as PDF File Format

This manual approach becomes very complex and lengthy when exporting Outlook Calendar to PDF format. If a user simultaneously saves multiple calendars in PDF, this process might fail. So, you can go with another solution as explained below for PST To PDF conversion.

Substitute Method:

Through PST to PDF Converter utility, you can quickly export Calendars from Outlook into PDF formats. Also, other Outlook mailbox items can be exported into PDF formats and EML, MBOX, HTML as well. It consists of an easy GUI that even an inexperienced user can use without expert assistance.

Benefits of using PST Converter

  • It converts Outlook PST files into PDF Document.
  • The tool has an auto-search feature to search PST files from the system.
  • Solves the PST files alignment errors quickly.
  • Corrupt Outlook data files are supported by it.
  • Maintains the folder structure same as of the original folder.

Methods save Outlook Calendar as PDF Document using the software

  1. First, launch the tool and press the Add file button.
  2. Choose the PST file from the system or use the search feature.
  3. Pick scanning mode and the format to save PST as. Tick the checkbox of alignment errors if required. Press OK.
  4. After completion of scanning mode, choose ok.
  5. Pick the folder from folder structure to check the preview.
  6. Apply search filter or date filter if needed.
  7. Pick the destination location to save the resultant file and check the needed PDF options.
  8. Press ok after completion to exit.

From these quick steps, the tool automatically converts all the Outlook Calendar files into PDF format.


This guide includes all the manual and substitute methods to save Outlook Calendar as PDF file format. Manual methods generally result in many complications, and users might prefer them. So, an alternate method is also given which quickly resolves the issue.

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