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MS Outlook is one of the most reliable, easy, and popular email clients available and comes with the Microsoft Office package. As we all know that the more we use any product, the more we are likely to face issues. The issues mostly get resolved within seconds. You can fix most things on your own by using Microsoft Outlook Email Management Tools.

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Often people get stuck with problems that are not easy to resolve, but not impossible. This post is all about the most common issues and the solutions people face with MS Outlook while migrating from Outlook Express to MS Outlook, OST or PST files of MS Outlook, and much more. Start reading the best available solutions for Email Management in MS Outlook.

Migrating from Outlook Express to MS Outlook use Microsoft Outlook Email Management Tools

Windows XP support has now been stopped by Microsoft, hence most people have started upgrading their old Windows machine to Windows 7 or 8. Most of the XP users were using Outlook Express as their email client, as it was a built-in program by Microsoft. Now people are supposed to use MS Outlook which comes with the MS Office package. Outlook Express understands DBX format, whereas MS Outlook works with PST files. In order to access your previous emails stored in OE, you need to convert DBX file into PST.
dbx to pst converter

If you are looking to migrate or in the process of upgrading from Outlook Express to MS Outlook, you can follow the manual process to convert DBX to PST within a few minutes.

Merge or Combine Multiple Outlook PST files

Many users, usually professionals are found using multiple Email accounts, hence they manage multiple accounts and the mailbox data is stored in multiple PST files. This could be in a single computer or in different computers. If you are a service person, you must think again, even if you would be managing multiple email accounts (personal and official). So what would you do if you have multiple PST files and a day you are required to manage all your emails using a single account (this assumption is based on real facts that people discuss on the internet)?

Stop thinking of the scenarios as you need not worry about them. You can easily merge multiple PST files into one single PST file by following the steps mentioned. Whether you have 2 PST files, or 200 PST files (mostly seen in large Organisations), you can combine all the PST files easily.

Split large PST file into multiple files

Previously, in the older versions of MS Outlook, PST file was generated with a very small maximum storage limit of 2 GB. In the current versions of MS Outlook, the maximum storage limit of a PST file is 20 GB, except in Outlook 2013 (50 GB). Many people now do their transactions and a lot of other stuff online and every single transaction is done with an email confirmation. Though this email confirmation won’t make any difference, in big organizations, daily reporting and file sending through email is an integral part. The point is, if the maximum data limit of the PST file exceeds, the PST file will be corrupted. Even if the PST is about to reach its maximum limit, you might start facing several issues.

To prevent corruption and other issues due to PST maximum size limit, there is a reliable solution to split Outlook PST file into multiple files, just follow the instructions mentioned, and keep your crucial mailbox data safe.

Unlock Password Protected PST or Remove PST Password

You must be curious to know about password removal, as many users learn the technique to do something unethical.

Note: The technique shared here is to enhance knowledge base and for purely ethical jobs. Please do not use these password removal tricks for any mischief.

Many users and even me, keep the PST file password protected. The reason behind it is that there are many confidential emails you may not bear to be compromised. There is a very common mistake people commit, it’s keeping a very tricky password while applying and then they forget the credentials. I also heard of a virus program that infected PST files and made them password protected. No matter what the reason is, you want to access your emails at any cost.Remove Password from protected PST

There is a trick available that can be efficiently used to unlock the PST by removing the Password. Make sure, after recovering the password, you apply easy-to-remember. Try the best Microsoft Outlook Email Management Tools

Compress Outlook PST file

compress Outlook PST file

I know most of you just use a program, continuously worked, and then close it. None of you really care about the back end which is responsible for storing all your mailbox data. I have discussed PST maximum storage limit many times. So, if the limit exceeds, your PST file may corrupt within a fraction of a second. To be safe you must keep the preventive measures to avoid PST corruption. All you need to do is to compress Outlook PST file and create space in your Outlook PST.

Repair Outlook PST File (Complete Solution)

Repair PST Files with PST Repair ToolAfter performing a deep search on Google, I came to the conclusion that there are plenty of bloggers and contributors who have shared, how we can repair corrupted Outlook PST file using the PST repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) by Microsoft, but none of them actually provided the complete solution for repairing PST file. You may follow the guide for a complete solution for repairing your PST.

Convert Outlook OST to PST

All of you know that if we configure MS Outlook with MS Exchange Server, the Outlook database file created is in OST (Offline Storage Table) format. This file has some limitations like you can not move the OST file to any other computer as it will not be accessible there. Also if the OST file is corrupted, the only option left in front of you is to repair it and convert it into a PST file. With this process, you can also rebuild MS Exchange Server if it gets corrupted or inaccessible due to any reasons. Repair and Convert OST to PST and you may get rid of many issues.

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