What to Do to Convert OLM to CSV Manually

To extend the accessibility of Outlook data, we can export it into many other formats. OLM is a Mac Outlook Database file which stores emails, contacts, calendar, attachments, etc. For accessing these data in excel and Google spreadsheet, we can convert OLM to CSV file.

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CSV contains data in tabular form that can be easily accessed through Google docs, Microsoft excel, Open Office Calc, etc spreadsheet programs.

How Is It Beneficial to Convert OLM to CSV File

Conversion of Outlook OLM to Comma Separated Value comes with many benefits. Following are some positive consequences of this conversion that enhance the user experience.

  • The data saved in the CSV file can be easily opened by any spreadsheet program such as MS Excel, Google spreadsheets, etc.
  • In a CSV file, the data get saved as plain text in tabular form. So, both technical & non-technical users can comfortably access the data.
  • Infinite contact data can be saved in CSV with the entire data.
  • CSV format is supported by many webmail clients.
  • The contacts stored in the CSV file format can easily be migrated into email services like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.
  • It gives straight forward information schema

Free OLM to CSV Online Conversion

Follow the below-described steps to convert OLM to CSV online-

  1. First, shift the OLM file to Mac Outlook from Import/Export Menu.
  2. Once OLM data is migrated into Outlook, then tap the Import/Export option.
  3. Now, pick the “Export to a File” option from Import and Export wizard.
  4. Next, select Comma Separated value and hit Next.
  5. Here, choose the desired location where you want to store the CSV file.
  6. Finally, hit Finish.

Limitations of the manual method:

  • It only converts OLM contacts to CSV. It doesn’t allow you to transfer other data from OLM file format to CSV.
  • The process is quite lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Outlook Installation is required.

Professional method to convert OLM to CSV format

As we know the manual method has certain drawbacks. To overcome these drawbacks, you can use the professional method that is 100% proven. You can utilize free OLM Converter that is the best software to migrate Mac Outlook OLM to PST, HTML, PDF, EMLX, TXT, MHT, MBOX, DOC, PNG, DOCM, TIFF, JPG, GIF, and many more file formats. Apart from that, there is no requirement for Outlook installation during the process.

Software Working

  1. Launch the OLM converter Software for Windows and pick Single mode. Then, press the browse button and click the open button.
  2. launch software
  3. The selected OLM file will display on the left side of the wizard.
  4. selected files will appear
  5. Now, pick the saving format option, Now we are choosing HTML as a saving format.
  6. pic desire format
  7. Check the Remove Duplicate mails option, Date Filter option if you want. Then provide a destination & temp path to store the file. Then hit the convert button to start the process.
  8. HTML format is selected by us
  9. The conversion process has started, wait for the completion of the process. Then, that converted file will appear.
  10. wait until process gets end
  11. Now, you can download the report by pressing the Download Report button on the screen.

Features of OLM to CSV Converter

  • Contains Single and Multiple file mode options.
  • Easily perform bulk conversion of several OLM files concurrently.
  • Transfer Outlook OLM mailbox items such as contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, and notes.
  • Maintains data structure data throughout the transferring of the OLM files to other file formats.
  • The software provides a Mail Filter and Task Filter option to filter emails according to date.


After reciting the above blog, now we know how to convert OLM to CSV format. However, We are also aware of the drawbacks of the manual method. Besides, we have tried to resolve the limitations faced in the manual method with the best and finest OLM Converter software. By using this software users can migrate data without any hindrance. The software is efficient to use and it offers a simple GUI. We hope that this blog will help you to understand all about the OLM to CSV Conversion. In case of any query please let us know.

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