Troubleshoot Error – “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired”

MySQL is a free open source software that aims at the Database management system. The word “MySQL” is half and half combination of name and the tool. The term SQL refers to the Structured Query Language.  Sometimes, when the query occurs due to data load it generates an error. Similarly, when the server faces many requests at a time – a particular error occurs which is “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired”. Here we are going to focus on all the possible solutions to fix the error accompanied by a detailed description, stating the questions what, where and why.

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Reasons Why the Table is Marked as Crashed:

Every system or application has a percent chance of crashing. The point is how the table crashes and whether it can be recovered? A MySQL error may occur when the database is either forcefully shut down or the entire server faces a crash. Also, having low space on the hard disk may force tables to crash. Let’s look at the use of MySQL Tool during the error and how it will be useful for users.

Manual Methods to Recover Crashed Tables of MySQL:

MySQL server has its own tool that can look out for why the crashed tables. This tool is offer to as myisamchk, and you can use it as shown below:

Method 1: Recover Error through MySQL

# myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI

Running the above command will show the list of all crash tables with the message below.

MyISAM-table ‘/var/lib/mysql/dbname/table_name.MYI’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Apart from detection, this tool helps you repair the damaged table. Mostly, the problem can be fix by only running the myisamchk command. But, if the above method doesn’t solve the problem, then try disconnecting your network connection, so that no new requests are made to the server, and stop the MySQLd command. Instead, run the command given below-


The “–update-state” switch tells MySQL to mark the indicated table as “checked.” Once the table has been checked, restart your MySQL database and network connection, and MySQLd will start repairing the crashed table- Resulting in error removal and safe data restoration.

 Method 2: Recover using Backup

You should always have a backup of your data. The best possible way to recover your data is via Backup. Keep a copy of your records elsewhere rather than the database. So, whenever you lose your data, you can grab onto the duplicate one in an emergency.

Challenges faced by the user while fixing Error “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired” :

The limitation of the manual method here is that the user needs to have the technical experience to perform a recovery process. It is a time-consuming task and also, does not claim full recovery.

How to discover crashed tables:

You can point out errors that are straight visible to the naked eye. Also, the errors that are easily obvious as they don’t give the desired outcome.

  1.  tbl_name.MYI is nowhere to be found.
  2. The ending doesn’t make sense.
  3. Found error via Table handler.
  4. Record file is crash.
  5. Can’t find file table thatshouldbethere.MYI.
  6. tablethatwasworking.frm is lock against change.
  7. Found error ### though table handler.

After looking at the kind of errors, now let move forward to some more utilities available that aims MySQL error solving.

Automated tool to Recover Crashed Tables of MySQL:

If the above manual method doesn’t work then opt for the alternative solution to recover from error: “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired”. One such utility Database Recovery Tool is highly refer to recover corrupted tables that are damage by these kinds of errors. Let’s look at some of its features.


  • It Repairs MySQL corrupted database. 
  • Restore MySQL Database objects like tables, data types, views, triggers, etc. 
  •  Promises to restore maximum possible data in less time.
  • Technical experience is not necessary.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.

Summing It Up:

Fixing Error “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and should be Repaired” is a tactical task. The MySQL method to resolve the error needs much technical expertise. It is suggest that users should opt for the automated utility to empower the issue of crashed tables in MySQL. I hope you find this blog useful.

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