How to Open EPUB File as PDF – Quick Reliable Techniques

Summary:- This article explains what epubs and PDFs are, how beneficial they are, and all the methods to open EPUB File as PDF. One can also use a Professional tool named “Sysinfo EPUB Converter,” which facilitates the feature of setting a password on the new resultant files.


What is an EPUB File?

A file with a .epub file extension is a popular file extension that is mainly used for storing e-books. EPUB files can store words, images, stylesheets, fonts, tables of content, etc. EPUB file extensions are freely available standard, which is why most eReaders support EPUB files.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using EPUB Files


  • EPUB is written in XML and XHTML file formats, which means it works with most softwares.
  • EPUB files are transferred in the format of ZIP files among the organizations, but if the organizations are using XML format, the EPUB file can be transferred directly.
  • EPUB files can be read on small devices as well.


  • There are strict conditions for creating the archive for EPUB
  • Creating an EPUB document will require prior knowledge of the associated programming language.
  • One must be aware of the syntax of XML and XHTML file formats to create a document in EPUB.
  • Nontechnical users may not be able to use this file format as it requires technical knowledge.
  • Complex interface to use.

What is PDF File?

PDF file format stands for “Portable Document Format,” It is a versatile file format used for creating documents to be shared in a professional or informal capacity. It is used to create secured documents, so there are fewer chances of a document in PDF format getting corrupted. Users can insert various links, texts, images, etc., into a PDF file.

Advantages of Open EPUB File as PDF

Here are some of the advantages of a PDF file that a user enjoys using PDF:

  • It displays the same content and layout, no matter on which device, operating software, and application it is viewed.
  • PDFs are easy to create, modify and use by everyone.
  • It offers security in different forms like a watermark, password, and digital signature. A PDF document stays safe from third-party access without your permission.
  • It does not require any prior knowledge to use this application.
  • Users can integrate graphics, videos, images, graphs, etc., and combine them into a single document named “PDF.”
  • It compresses High-Quality Files into smaller files.
  • It gives you an easy and reliable way to exchange and present documents.

These are a few advantages of using a PDF file to create documents. If you want to convert epub files to pdf, go for the below-mentioned solution and change epub to pdf smoothly.

Open EPUB file as PDF Professionally

Most users want to convert large epub files to pdf as it becomes tough for the user to operate those files in EPUB format. Users want a more simple interface to work. In this case, one can use Sysinfo EPUB Converter to get the solution to the query “how to extract epub files to pdf.” The tool has various unique features to offer. The software provides excellent features like Facilitates feature to set a password on the new resultant files; you can also assign the name of the new output folder, etc.

Benefits of Open EPUB File as PDF

There are various advantages to Convert ebooks to PDF; here some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Feature to assign a customized name to your file.
  2. Compatible with all versions of Windows like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, etc.
  3. Maintains Folder Hierarchy.
  4. It keeps the integrity of the data before and after conversion.
  5. Once you select your EPUB file, information like the file’s name, path, and size will be visible to you.
  6. You can set a password on your new resultant files.
  7. It enables perform safe and risk-free conversions from EPUB to PDF.
  8. The option to select the “Destination Folder” for the file to be generated.
  9. You can even re-perform the conversion process even after completion,
  10. One can also save the report after the completion of the process.

Steps to open EPUB file as PDF

1. For the first step, download and install SysInfo EPUB Converter.

2. Now, Click on the Add Files or Add Folder option to add the files you want to convert.

open EPUB File as PDF

3. Select the files from the Pop that appeared and click “open.”

open EPUB File as PDF

4. Here you can see the selected EPUB file’s name, size, and path.

open EPUB File as PDF

5. As soon as you click ‘Next”, select “PDF” from the drop-down list of “Select Output Format.”

open EPUB File as PDF

6. Click on the “Destination Path” button to select the destination for the resulting folder.

open EPUB File as PDF

7. You can assign a customized name to your resulting folder.

open EPUB File as PDF

8. Hit the “Set Password” icon to set a strong password for your resulting file.

9. It will give you two options: “Set the same password for all files” and “Set password individually files” choose accordingly.

10. Hit “Start Conversion” to start the conversion process.

11. Finally, on completion of the process, you can download the report.


In this write-up, we have learned the answer to the question “how to convert epub to pdf.” We have stated the definition of EPUB file extension and its pros and cons. Also, we have included the meaning of the PDF file extension and its pros, and in case of wanting to do the conversion, we have stated all possible. So every time you ask the question “ can epub be converted to pdf” to yourself, this article will be the answer.

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