How to Fix Outlook PST Cannot be Found Issue Effortlessly

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  • Updated on April 6th, 2023

At the best of times, MS Outlook is a stable application as it doesn’t crash easily. Nevertheless, it has also some issues just like other applications. When a user is facing a challenge, Microsoft Outlook has some message issues, Outlook PST cannot be found. It is such an issue message when MS Outlook can’t locate a data file on the local system. This write-up will help you to find your solution. But before moving ahead, you should know the possible reasons behind it.


  • Outlook application frequently freezes.
  • Oversized Outlook PST file
  • Corrupted or Damaged PST file
  • Interference from another application
  • Hard drive problem
  • Network not supported

Now, we will learn how to fix Outlook PST cannot be found.

Do You Fix Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found?

There are various ways to fix Outlook PST cannot be found error. Follow the below procedure to get your answer.

  1. Check MS Outlook Mailbox Size
  2. Add Email Account as IMAP
  3. Repair your Microsoft Office Outlook Application
  4. Restore Corrupted or damaged PST files through Repair MS Outlook in-built tool.
  5. Close all Programs and Processes
  6. Launch MS Outlook in safe mode
  7. Check Recycle Bin
  8. Search for your desired PST file

Now, we will highlight each solution in detail.

1: Check MS Outlook Mailbox Size

  1. First, open the MS Outlook application on your local screen.
  2. Then, go to the File option > Mailbox Cleanup.
  3. After that, click on the View Mailbox Size option in the Mailbox Cleanup window.
  4. Here, click the Folder option appears at the top of your Outlook screen.
  5. Now, choose the desired account.
  6. Afterwards, move to the Folder Properties > Folder Size.
  7. Finally, you can preview the mailbox size in a new window.

It will help you to fix the Outlook PST Cannot be Found error.

2: Add Email Account as IMAP

  1. Open MS Outlook on your local system and navigate to the File tab.
  2. Then, click the Info option > Account Settings > Account Settings from the drop-down list.
  3. Now, choose a Data Files category and click on the Add Button.
  4. After that, move to the desired location and mention a name.
  5. Navigate to the Email tab and choose the target email account.
  6. Click the remove button to remove the account.
  7. Again, launch the Microsoft Outlook application and go to the File tab.
  8. Afterwards, select the Add Account option in the Info Category.
  9. Mention the email address and click on the Advanced options.
  10. Here, choose the Let me set up my account manually option.
  11. Click the Connect button.
  12. Now, choose the IMAP option for synchronization and go through the other steps.
  13. Now, input all the crucial details as mentioned below.
    1. Incoming mail server:
    2. Port: 993
    3. Encryption Method: SSL/TLS
    4. Outgoing mail Server:
    5. Port: 587
    6. Encryption Method: STARTTLS
  14. In the end, click the Next button.

The above procedure will help you to resolve the Outlook PST Cannot be Found issue.

3: Repair Your Microsoft Office Outlook Application

  1. Go to the Search Bar and search Control Panel.
  2. After that, click on the Programs and Features option.
  3. Then, choose Microsoft Office from the drop-down list.
  4. Now, click the Change button and access the permissions.
  5. Afterwards, choose the Quick Repair option > Repair button.
  6. Make sure to restart the MS Outlook application.

4: Restore Corrupted or Damaged PST Files Through The Repair MS Outlook In-Built Tool

  1. Go to this path and search for the ScanPST software.
    1. Outlook 2019: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\
    2. Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    3. Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
    4. Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
    5. Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12
  2. Then, launch the SCANPST.EXE file.
  3. Choose the damaged PST file you wish to repair through the Browse button.
  4. Click the Start button.
  5. Make sure to back up the PST file to the hard drive. It will prevent data loss during the fixing of damaged PST files.
  6. In the end, click the Repair button to resolve the error in the PST file.

It will help users to resolve the Outlook PST Cannot Be Found problem.

5: Close All Programs And Processes

  1. First, right-click on the Taskbar section and select Task Manager from the drop-down list.
  2. Then, click the More Details option > Processes tab.
  3. Search for the processes, such as the UCMAPI, Lync, communicator, and Outlook end them all.
  4. After that, click the process > End Task button.
  5. Finally, open the MS Outlook application again after closing the Task Manager.

6: Launch MS Outlook in Safe Mode

  1. First, close the Outlook application.
  2. Then, go to the Search Bar and hold down the Windowss+R keys together to open the run window.
  3. Input outlook.exe / safe and click the Enter button.
  4. After that, open MS Outlook and navigate to the File tab > Options > Add-ins. Turn off all the add-ins.
  5. Lastly, open the MS Outlook application on your screen. Begin turning on the add-ins one by one to highlight the faulty ones.

7: Check Recycle Bin

  1. Open your desktop screen and double-click on the Recycle Bin icon.
    1. If your Outlook PST data file isn’t available there, skip this section.
    2. If your Outlook PST data file is available on your system, right-click and choose the restore option.
  2. If you can see your Outlook PST file, click the Open button.

It will help you to fix the Outlook data file cannot be found issue.

8: Search For Your Desired PST File

  1. Click the Windows icon + F simultaneously to bring up your Search dialog box.
  2. After that, mention *PST for Windows 7. Mention PST for Windows 8.
  3. If you can’t find the PST file, jump this section.
  4. If this above search finds your Outlook PST file, cut and paste it in the window left launch from the first section.
  5. Finally, click the Open button, and your Outlook application should start working properly.

It will help you to resolve the Outlook PST cannot be found error. We mentioned all the possible ways to fix such an issue, as a result, you can check them out. If the above procedure is not resolving the problem. It simply indicates that your PST file is severely damaged. If you want to repair your Outlook PST file, go with the Sysinfo PST File Recovery Tool. It will recover the maximum possible from PST files. Although it restores all PST mailbox items to their original form.

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Now, we will conclude our entire blog and hope you got adequate information. We have highlighted various topics in this technical guide. You can understand and follow any of the procedures on how to fix the Outlook PST cannot be found issue. Moreover, you can also check another blog to fix the Outlook email search not working issues.

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