Remove Duplicates in Outlook from Emails, Contacts, & Calendars

Outlook is a popular email client application for desktop users. It stores the entire mailbox content, which includes email messages, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, attachments, etc. But sometimes, users are fed up with similar emails, contacts, or calendars and don’t know how to remove duplicates in Outlook. Having many copies of emails, calendars, notes, and tasks makes the Outlook Mailbox oversized and large. Therefore this write-up will discuss how to delete duplicate emails or contacts in Outlook. Further, we will go through the best Syinfo Outlook Duplicate Remover that will assist users in removing similar emails efficiently in Outlook.

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Duplicates in Outlook

We have several methods to delete Outlook duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks. Follow the below procedures to Outlook find duplicate emails.

  1. Run Task Manager to Outlook to remove duplicate emails.
  2. Avoid Leaving Double Messages on the Server.
  3. Create Profiles with POP3 Accounts in Outlook to Delete Duplicate Emails.
  4. Try Automated Software to Remove Duplicates in Outlook

Run Task Manager to Outlook Remove Duplicate Emails

  • First, right-click on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the drop-down list.
  • After that, click on the Processes tab and go to the Image Name option.
  • It sorts all processes ascendingly.
  • If you have more than Outlook.exe lists, it simply indicates that you have duplicate emails.
  • Then, right-click the Outlook.exe listings > End Task option.
  • In the end, click the Yes button to confirm the dialog box.

Avoid Leaving Double Message Copies on The Server

  • First, open the Microsoft Outlook application on your local screen.
  • After that, go to the Tools button and click the Email Accounts option.
  • Click the View or Change Existing Email Accounts option > Next button.
  • Then, choose an email account from the drop-down list and click the Change button.
  • Moving ahead, click the More Settings button > Advanced Tab.
  • Lastly, choose the remove check box and select Leave a copy of messages on the server box. Click the OK button.

Create Profiles With POP3 Accounts to Outlook Delete Duplicate Emails

  • Launch the MS Outlook application on your local machine.
  • Then, go to the Tools menu > Send/Receive Settings button > Define Send/Receive Groups option.
  • After that, double-click on the group that appears in the accounts.
  • Click any accounts and select the check box Receive mail items.

We have mentioned all the manual methods to delete duplicate emails in Outlook. But the point is the above solutions have some shortcomings. The major drawback is not only MS Outlook has duplicate emails but also has duplicate calendars, contacts and tasks. So, in order to get rid of all types of duplicate items present in your Outlook profile, you can opt for the third-party utility.

Reliable Solution to Remove Duplicates in Outlook

Sysinfo Outlook Duplicate Remover is an efficient and comprehensive software. It helps users to delete duplicate emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars in bulk without data loss. In addition, it creates new PST files where there is no email duplicacy. Moreover, there is a preview feature where users can preview their desired files in a preview panel. The integrity of your PST mailbox remains intact or unchanged after Outlook duplicate removal. Now, we will discuss steps that will clear all your doubts.


  • Download and run the Outlook Duplicate Remover tool and upload the PST files.
  • After that, choose the PST File having duplicates.
  • Then you can preview your PST file emails and folders in a preview panel.
  • You can select the Email, Contacts, Tasks, and Calendars on the basis of Subject, Text/Body, etc.
  • Lastly, define the location and click the Convert button to start deleting the duplicate emails, or any other Outlook PST File duplicate item.

Final Words

Now, we will conclude our blog and hope you got numerous ways to remove duplicates in Outlook. In this technical guide, we have mentioned four methods to get rid of duplicate emails, contacts, and calendars. You can check them out. But one thing must keep in mind that choose that procedure where you can easily accomplish it in the future. You can also read another blog to remove duplicate items in IBM Lotus Notes.

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