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The outlook is widely used as a means of e-mail communication because it is the best e-mail client service providers for its users. It is packed with the latest features like Bcc warning, multiple time zones, it shows the organization directory details, etc. These are some reasons why people prefer to use it than any other e-mail clients applications. However, apart from these valuable features, it has some drawbacks too. If there is any mistake then the most common error encountered by the users is error is 0x80040116. Generally, this error occurs if outlook cannot access the PST files. 

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You don’t have to worry if you encounter outlook error 0x80040116, we have described some efficient ways which, if you implement will surely eliminate the error. 

Why the Outlook error 0x80040116 occurs?

We have discussed some common issues which cause the error-

  • Corrupt PST file– In the case of corrupt PST files it becomes extremely difficult to work on outlook if the PST file gets corrupt.
  • Exceed mailbox limit– The error occurs if the limit of outlook mailbox exceeds.
  • Sudden cessation of Outlook– In the case of sudden cessation or termination the outlook encounters the error.

Methods to Solve the Error 0x80040116

1. By creating a new outlook account.

A simple way is to eliminate the error is by creating a new outlook account

  • Go to Start option and click on the control panel.
  • Select the ‘view as small icons’ option and choose the mail icon.
  • A mail setup wizard will open, choose ‘Show Profiles’ option.
  • Select the properties button and then click on the data files.
  • Click on ‘Set As Default’ when the data files wizard is open.
  • The outlook data file will be found.
  • Now, create a new profile by clicking on the E-mail tab then>>New.
  • A setup wizard will open when you click on the ‘Add new’ button.
  • Enter your credentials like e-mail, password.
  • Select ‘Always use this profile’ when the new profile is created.
  • Now close all the windows and restart the system.
  • Start the outlook.
  • Once you start the outlook all the errors will be eliminated.

2 Scan PST with ScanPST.Exe Tool

The outlook has an inbuilt tool ‘ScanPST.Exe’ that is installed at the time of office package installation. You can eliminate the errors with the help of this tool. First, you have to find the destination of your PST files, the destination varies according to the versions. So, it is recommended to find the path of PST as per Outlook version.

After you find the PST files follow these steps-

  • Launch the tool by clicking on ScanPST.Exe.
  • Add the PST files and click on the scan button.
  • The scanning process will begin and the tool will start to fix the errors in PST by repairing them.
  • Once the scanning process end open the PST file.
  • Restart the Outlook and analyze whether the problem is fix or not.

Some limitations with ScanPST.Exe are-

  • Sometimes it is unable to fix the outlook error 0X80040116.
  • With this tool Directory Structure cannot be repaired.
  • Time-consuming.
  • If you miss any step, all the data will be lost.
  • Oversize files can’t be repair, as the file size exceeds over 2 GB the tool becomes ineffective.
  • You cannot recover the ‘Deleted items’ or ‘Lost and found folder’.

Use Sysinfo Outlook PST repair tool to resolve the error 0x80040116. 

The above steps are simple and free of cost, however, they have some drawbacks as well. If you are looking for a safe and reliable solution, then we highly recommend you to use the automated way to repair your PST files. With Sysinfo Outlook PST repair you recover your damaged or corrupted files easily. The software ensures 100% recovery files also it easily fetches the data from corrupt or damaged, password-protected files without any data loss. SO if you have very important data we suggest you go with the automated method. 


This article provides brief details on how to resolve outlook error 0X80040116. We have discussed both the method i.e, manual and automated and we have also suggested you the best method to recover the files without any data loss. 

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