How to Protect Yahoo Email from Hacking and Cyber Risk During COVID 19

If you are users who are also facing problems in this Covid 19 situation reading hacking of Yahoo account? Then stay connected with this blog. Here, you will find the solution of how to protect yahoo email from hacking.

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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon every person in problems that we never expected by anyone. In the whole world, people are facing too many issues due to this severe crisis and are trying to cope up as fast as possible with the COVID-19 pandemic.

An unexpected problem that has been rising in the middle of this pandemic situation is the increment of hacking and cyber risk. Although, cyber phishing is a common issue faced by users worldwide. It has been repeatedly growing during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, and because of this, around 18 million malware and phishing emails are received by users daily, and more than 240 million spam emails.

Yahoo is an email service provider developed by Yahoo. Its main work is to provide users and organizations with a platform to send and receive their necessary information. As of January 2020, Yahoo! Mail had 225 million users. Using this, users can manage their contacts, tasks, calendars, and emails with their attachments. But due to the rapid increment in the hacker, it is quite difficult to save data in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. Thus in this article, we get the complete solution of how to protect yahoo email from hacking.

Now, before going to the various techniques to fix yahoo mail phishing in COVID 19. Let us check out the ways by which we identify the cyber phishing attack.

Ways to Identify the Cyber Phishing Attack

  • The first way is to geeting the issue in access to the Yahoo mailbox emails.
  • A problem with the sender’s details, showing a red flag in the document.
  • By subject line errors like misspellings, all capital letters, peculiar characters in the subject lines of suspected emails.
  • Unfortunately, restarting Yahoo Mail again and again.
  • Corruption or damage of the Yahoo mail folders can also be the cause of Yahoo accounts being hacked.
  • Hacker attacks on the Yahoo account using the links and attachments.

These are the various ways by which one can understand that Yahoo Mail account is hacked. Now the question strokes in your mind like: How to protect Yahoo email account? Also, How to protect Yahoo email from hacking? Well, Don’t worry. In the below section, you will definitely get the solution according to your query.

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Techniques to Secure Yahoo Email Account

Here, you will learn different techniques to protect the Yahoo Mail account from hacking and Cyber risk during this COVID 19 pandemic situation. Now, if you want to secure your Yahoo Mail Id from unnecessary or unorganized threats, you can use these techniques to increase your Yahoo account security.

Change the Password

The very first and most important thing to protect a Yahoo Mail account from hackers and cyber attacks is to change the account password always. You have to not use the same password for more than one website or apps and never use your old password again on the websites. Moreover, one thing you have to always recognize that make your password combining letters, numbers, and special characters.

To change the Yahoo Mail account password, Login into your Yahoo id and opt with the Account info icon present on the left corner of the page. In the opening tab, you have to select the Account security option from the left panel. Now, press on the change password feature. This option allows you to change your Yahoo account password and protect the Yahoo Mail account from hackers.

Enable Two-Step Verification

In this method, you have to enable the two-step verification for better security & protect Yahoo email account from hackers and cyber attacks. But one of the limitations of this method is that. If your two-step verification is enabled and the hacker hacks your Yahoo account. Then they can access the emails as well as the phone number. Moreover, for better security of Yahoo Mail is using a phone number that you do not utilize for the online transaction.

To enable this two-step verification feature of Yahoo Mail, go to the Account Security section follow the method given in the previous part to protect Yahoo email from hackers and cyber attacks. Now, enable the two-step verification of Id and where you will have to type the phone number and ask to check it. After you complete this, the two-step verification mode will get enabled automatically.

Remove the Connected Services

Because of connected service facilitate, there is an opportunity for hackers to get access to your social media account by hacking or cyber attack. The main point is that you have to remove all the connected services from your Yahoo Mail account.

Now, to eliminate the connected account from your Yahoo Mail account, opt with the Settings and then press on More settings. In the opening wizard of Settings, you have to select the Social accounts options to preview all the other services connected with the account.

Migrate Data from Yahoo Mail

The best possible solution to stay secure & safe from hackers and cyber-attack is to import Yahoo Mail data to some other email clients. Right now, there is no better option than Gmail if we talk about another email client. Gmail allows users to send and receive emails between them and enable users to organize meetings, manage contacts, managing calendars, etc. Here, to begin the import of Yahoo emails into Gmail, open the Gmail and move on to the setting icon.

In the opening window of settings, select the Accounts and Import tab. Then choose the Import mail and contacts section. After that, it will ask you to enter your Yahoo email id. Finally, it will migrate your emails into Gmail and solve how to protect yahoo email from hacking.

Generate A Third-Party App Password For Desktop Mail Clients

In the case of Yahoo Mail, when you transferred emails to a desktop email client, it would be better if you create a third-party app password to add Yahoo Mail emails into the desktop email client. Here, to protect your Yahoo mail phishing email from hackers and cyber risk during the pandemic situation of Covid-19, you have to create a unique password of application to access Yahoo emails into the desktop mail.

Backup Yahoo Email into Local Drive

To protecting Yahoo emails from hacking and phishing attacks and geeting an expert solution of how to protect yahoo email from hacking, You can backup, save, or download your Yahoo emails into Computer and protect your Yahoo mail data from unnecessary and unorganized threats. Therefore to backup Yahoo emails, you can opt with SysInfoTool software(Yahoo Backup Software). This software allows you to backup your Yahoo email into multiple file formats like PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, MBOX, OST, CSV, etc. And Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365, Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail


By reading this blog, I hope you will definitely get the absolution solution of how to protect yahoo email from hacking. We learn about how in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, the ratio of hacking and cyber risk increases. Thus, understand the different techniques by which one can protect Yahoo Mail account from hacking. Moreover, know about the alternate expert solution to backup or download Yahoo emails into the local drive.

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